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    Create:Fixate Presents
    “Wisdom Within Us”
    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    LOS ANGELES, CA – Arts organization Create:Fixate kicks off the new year with its first event of 2009, “Wisdom Within Us,” on Saturday, March 7, 2009. The event will take place at the Premiere Events Center where two large warehouses filled with vibrant artwork and music will present over 40 top local artists, DJs and musicians. The venue is located at 613 Imperial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021. The full-blown event runs from 7:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. Admission is $15.00 before 10:00 p.m., and $20.00 for the remainder of the night. All ages are welcome. For more information please call 310-590-7199 or visit www.createfixate.org.

    The evening begins with a preview of the exhibit from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. There is a $5 suggested donation from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m., and kids twelve-years old and younger are allowed free entry before seven o’clock. Parents are encouraged to bring the whole family during the preview hours and take advantage of the Kids Kreativity Zone (4 – 7 p.m. only). Overflowing with art supplies, the Zone provides a supervised space where youth can dive into their own expression while parents explore the evening’s exhibit.

    “Wisdom Within Us” is a theme exploring the convergence of the word and the picture; the text and the vision; the concept and the manifestation. On March 7th, emerging and established visual artists and musicians come together to celebrate language and the images it inspires. Each artist has been asked to choose a meaningful quote to influence the creation of a new art piece to be shown as part of their body of work.

    Highlighted artists include Gabriel Rivera whose paintings are modern versions of ancient cave paintings and markings, seeking to communicate yet falling short of being too specific. Rivera has also referred to his paintings as cityscapes roughly depicting the urban metropolis which he’s lived in for his entire life. Michelle Perone is inspired to create atmospheric acrylic paintings that stir emotions and memories, recalling both the movement and stillness, and the interconnectivity that exists between present moments, dreams and spiritual realms. Michael Pukac’s work has been said to be reminiscent of the old masters such as Rubens, Titian, and Rembrandt. However his acrylic and reflective paint lends a fresh edge combining a classic style with a surrealist and contemporary composition that can only be recognized as Neo-Mannerism.

    Ever curious how the art at each Create:Fixate show gets made? Spontaneous visions will be free-flowing by live painters Carlos Vera, Hans Haveron, and Michael Pukac, who will WOW crowds by giving them a behind-the-scenes peak at their creative process.

    Not to be outdone, the Audio Lab portion of the evening boasts an impressive line-up of the city’s very best DJs and musicians. These are just a small cross-section of all the great musical acts in store March 7th… check out the Audio Lab section below for the full line-up. Globally recognized west coast house DJ legend Steve Loria brings his fascinating style, ranging from deep house to progressive to acid house, to the mix. Paper Magazine describes Irwin of Irwin’s Conspiracy as someone who, “doesn’t just play his electronic (music) – he makes it on the spot, creating all the beats and sounds right in front of you… see it if you dare pussy.” While Vancouver, Canada-transplant Square-1 brings his special blend of hip hop to the night.

    Create:Fixate is dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging and mid-career artists in a unique environment. Usually, every three months, Create:Fixate founder Michelle Berc curates, produces and hosts these stunning group art shows that present creative people from around the globe with an emphasis on the local talent of Los Angeles. The production team also includes music coordinator Andrea Giardina, technical producer Andre Freimann, and a core team of volunteers and dedicated advisory board members. Awe-inspiring painters, photographers, sculptors, and multi-media artists exhibit alongside an equally impressive array of Los Angeles’ finest DJs and musicians. Each event’s aural artists are poised to create a soundtrack for the night that transforms this from a simple ‘art show’ into the city’s most anticipated Art Event.

    PHFE Management Solutions (PHFE) helps to provide a comprehensive administrative and fiscal structure for Create:Fixate’s nonprofit division. PHFE Management Solutions, also known as Public Health Foundation Enterprises, is a 41-year-old 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing back office support and management services to other nonprofit organizations.

    ~ Optical Lounge ~

    Angie Jones
    Storytelling and self-exploration call Angie Jones to paint. Jones is inspired by traditions in symbols, rooted in nature and fantasy. Dreamy tales filled with beauty, lost innocence, enchantment, struggles, wonder, and despair are the heartbeat of her work. With every painting there is a singular visual story to be told. These are the worlds she wishes to live in. Jones earned her BFA at the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta (now SCAD), where she studied under noted artists Marcia Cohen and Dana Cibulski, both experts in color theory. For the past 15 years, she has worked on movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, X-Men 2, Stuart Little 2, Scooby Doo 2, Garfield, The Cave, Stealth, Freddy Vs. Jason, Chronicles Of Narnia and many others.

    Ashton Trujillo
    A 24 year-old Los Angeles native, Ashton Trujillo is a visual artist who utilizes acrylic, wood, light and found objects to execute his works. His carpentry background and affinity for nature are displayed through his explorations of space, texture and color. Pushing the boundaries of traditional two-dimensional art, Ashton’s recent works deliver depth, and probe functional art.

    Betsy Ullery
    Betsy Ullery paints uniquely organic, feminine shapes that are mixed with brave conceptual undertones. Her work requires more than a simple glance, as she likes the idea of fluidity and blending one recognizable form into another not so recognizable. Ullery’s art reflects her belief that reflection and perception are all shown to us through our subconscious and that our subconscious is governed by nature. Using oils on canvas and wood, Ullery lets the mood of the piece determine her palette.

    Christopher Dingle
    The art of Christopher Dingle is a meeting of opposites. Whether it is two lovers, two forces, two ideas, or two sides of the artist, Dingle’s paintings are about conflict. A Los Angles based artist, his paintings reflect the influence of his many years designing key art for major motion pictures and advertising.

    Daniel Mercadante
    Daniel Mercadante was born on October 13, 1984. He now lives and works in Los Angeles. He believes in flow ship and the consilience of creative media. His exhibited works, Routines: Contact Sheets (20” x 30”, Light Jet prints) are assemblies of every frame of individual parts of his continuous video series, Routines.

    David Phillips
    David Phillips’ paintings fall between the line of pop and avant-garde. The American Abstract Expressionists of the late 1950s and Ed Kienholz also influence his paintings. Phillips is originally from Oklahoma. He now lives in Venice, California, with his studio located in the Marina.

    Ela Boyd
    Ela Boyd is a California native. She studied at the Art Institute of Boston, Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici (Art Institute of Florence, Italy) and California College of Arts, San Francisco. Boyd is intrigued by time, space and light as means for measuring the nature of reality in our physical universe. She works artistically with such ephemeral phenomena to create awareness of the limitations of our faculties for knowing, and experiencing, objective truth. We are challenged to discover what makes up the veil that is our own perception. To explore this phenomenological dynamic, Boyd uses ephemera to evoke nostalgia/memory, transparent media to generate space, and video to transfigure our internalized temporal models. She also records, depicts and creates light to offer a visceral experience of a metaphysical shift towards perceptual freedom.

    Eric Grimes
    Eric Grimes is an artist living in Kansas City, MO. Grimes sees himself as a connoisseur of decay and documents this fascination with large-format, highly detailed photographs. With his work, he hopes to redefine aesthetic guidelines, pushing the boundaries of what typifies beauty. By day, he works in a scientific research facility as an image technologist and microscopist. He also writes critical reviews for the Kansas City-based arts publication, Review, and curates shows at local galleries.

    Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel Rivera is a Los Angeles based artist who paints mixed media works predominantly on raw cotton canvas. His works are data driven chaotic surfaces that incorporate numbers, scratched out calculations, writing (sometimes legible, sometimes not) and various forms of iconography. The idea behind most of his paintings is that they are modern versions of ancient cave paintings and markings, seeking to communicate yet falling short of being too specific. Rivera has also often referred to his paintings as cityscapes roughly depicting the urban metropolis which he’s lived in for his entire life.

    Hans Haveron
    Hans Haveron’s artwork has been lauded by both the street culture audience as well as high street. Bridging the gap between raw and refined, seemingly effortlessly, Hans’ work fuses raw natural elements along with pure beauty to form a striking end statement. His amazing talent has not gone unnoticed, Hans has done work on top-tier Disney films, and most recently the Paul Oakenfold Perfecto campaign.

    Jason Hadley
    Jason Hadley was born and raised by artists in Norman, Oklahoma. That family connection and the influence of the rusty red Oklahoma soil have followed him to Los Angeles where he works as an artist for the film industry as well as the real world. Hadley creates multimedia works from wood, wax, copper, paint, and found objects, sometimes deconstructing a single piece of equipment like a gas mask and reworking each tiny part into a series of sculptures that comment on the original item. Many of his current pieces feature lights, sound and movement, and have a strong focus on the wax life-casts of his friends, parents and children.

    JC Jaress
    JC Jaress studied painting for ten years under Art Silva, Marciano Martinez and Deborah Davidson. Jaress’s work has appeared in multiple print publications, as book and CD cover art, on the label of Longoria Winery’s Blues Cuvee 1999 and 2000, and three of his paintings appear in the recently released DreamWorks film, I Love You, Man. An active member of the arts community, Jaress served on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Art Association for three years and as President and Chairman of the organization from 2001- 02.

    Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez is a sculptor whose work in clay makes the human or animal figure present in gesture. Each piece, though made in the same way with the same techniques, resonates with its own personality. Born in Long Beach and now residing in L.A., he currently works as a bronze caster, fine metal finisher, and large metal sculpture fabricator. He is also attending and working at El Camino Community College. He plans to transfer in spring of next year to study sculpture in Chicago.

    Keri Rosebraugh
    Keri Rosebraugh attended Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors in Illustration. Her illustrations have been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide, with clients that include The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Disney Consumer Products, Mattel, Inc., Dreamworks SKG, and Coca Cola, Inc. She has recently served as the president of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles for two years and has shown her work in numerous group shows including La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood and The Ecological Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Currently she is concentrating on her fine art pieces and murals for private clients.

    Kerianne Connor
    Kerianne Connor is a contemporary abstract artist who graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art from the School of Art at UCLA in 2005. Her work combines sculpture, painting and design, blurring the traditional strict separation between the genres of design and fine art. Connor’s work reflects the experience of a younger generation that has grown up immersed in the prominence of design in their everyday lives. She subtly compels her viewers to consider this relationship as she seamlessly combines elements of popular and emblematic designs with the fine art of sculpture and painting. Sharp edges, block colors, and calculated rows of stretched strings raised against severed canvases are characteristic of Connor’s current body of work. By representing contemporary landscapes through abstract works, Connor successfully acknowledges and brings to the surface for viewers the importance of the dialogue and interconnectivity between design, form, and function.

    Liz Brizzi
    A native of France and born of Italian parents, Liz Brizzi grew up in Los Angeles. Her individual mixed media technique begins with a collage of her original photography, which she then blends within layers of colorful acrylic washes. She is inspired by urban themes and loves the raw and industrial beauty of city life; her most recent series portrays the streets and alleys of Downtown Los Angeles, where she resides. In a city that is changing and developing rapidly, her artwork captures the disappearing traces of history and the authenticity of a neighborhood in full bloom.

    Michael Pukac
    Michael Pukac (poo-khash) is currently a Los Angeles-based artist who has painted for over 17 years, focusing in acrylic and mastering a new technique involving reflective layering with metallic and reflective paints. Pukac was born on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and grew up in the swamps. He graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, with a BFA focusing on painting. Thereafter, he has made painting a full time gig, traveling the country, making a living off of his fine art, murals and illustrations. In the last 5 years, Pukac has co-founded three small nonprofit art organizations, has hosted and curated art events, art walks, and produced other live performances around the country. He has participated in over three-dozen art shows, starting from the age of 19, with close to a dozen solo exhibitions. These recent endeavors have brought him to Long Beach, CA, where he now resides and continues to show his work and participate in live painting performances throughout Southern California.

    Michelle Perone
    As a working artist, Michelle Perone has experience drawing realistic images for themed entertainment, animation, television and film. Painting has been her respite, and her way of communicating most authentically to others and herself. Perone is inspired to create atmosphere that stirs emotion and memory, recalling both the movement and stillness, and the interconnectivity that exists between present moments, dreams and spiritual realms. She paints softly – blurring edges, subduing colors, using line with motion, suggesting at the essence and the mystery of form and feeling. Perone is currently working with acrylics on canvas, creating symbolic landscapes and figures, and exploring further the different perceptions they call forth.

    Monica Roache
    Monica Roache is a multi-media artist from Los Angeles. She received a degree in Art from Cal Arts and is currently working at The Museum of Contemporary Art. Roache’s works ranges from photography to acrylic paintings, drawings and sculptural installation. In this exhibition, she presents new work of organic and intricate ink drawings. Highly associated with filth and poverty, Roache plans to demystify the fear of the roach by producing a line of plush toys inspired by the out casted insect.

    Neil Simon Poyuzina
    Originally from Watkins Glen, New York, Neil Simon Poyuzina has resided in California since the age of 14. During his third year of college, he decided to pursue the arts regardless of the consequences inherently involved. He left school… his thinking: “if you’re looking for a degree here you won’t find one.” Poyuzina believes that the true source of learning is in the doing of your personal interests. Since then he has produced more than a thousand works, curated many group events, opened a gallery in Downtown LA, and participated in more than 80 group/solo shows.

    Robert A.D. Frick
    Robert A.D. Frick is known for creating artwork that is totally non-representative at inception and remains so upon completion. Frick prefers to allow the viewer to derive representative imagery from abstractions. As a result, Frick finds most challenging aspect of creating digital art is knowing when to quit. With digital imagery you are able to evolve pieces as long as your imagination will allow, therefore, one of the more difficult aspects is picking a point when which to call a work finished.

    As of late, Frick has diverted his attention to a simplified style focused more on color and form in order to allow for various output options such as textile design and metal casting, and less on detail and complexity. He is also a digital artist, by trade, for Digital Domain, in Venice, CA, where he lives. Apart from Create:Fixate, he has also exhibited at Siggraph Art Gallery, LACDA and Cannibal Flower.

    Seth Balliett
    Based on a foundation of painting and graphic design, Seth Balliett creates unique torn paper/collage portraits using only materials, artifacts and memorabilia specific to the subject, adding depth and significance to each piece. Born in upstate New York, Balliett has been creating, inventing and building his entire life. A BFA graduate of Alfred University, Balliett now resides in Venice, CA.

    Treiops Treyfid
    Treiops Treyfid strives to create artwork that is bold, unique, of high quality, and speaks to the age in which we live. His materials vary from the exotic to the recycled and always complement his conceptual vision. Whether through sculpture, assemblage, performance, painting or video, Treyfid’s bold and focused concepts are always elegantly and efficiently realized.

    Vincent G. Madrid
    As an artist, Vincent G. Madrid tends to reach into the collective unconscious to evoke imagery that speaks to the subconscious – the inner workings of the psyche, where the basic truths of the human spirit lie dormant. Being completely self-taught, Madrid has made a commitment to bring an awareness of the beauty that exists in this world as well as bringing a sense of the mystical knowledge that there is more to reality than what we see on the surface.

    Walt Hall
    Walt Hall was born and raised in North East Los Angeles. Although an active artist from a very young age, he has cut his creative teeth in the world of commercial art restoration rather than the traditional art school. Until 2000 his main focus was music and a series of local punk bands that he formed with friends. Since that time he has returned his creative focus to the visual arts. Although painting is his first and foremost creative method, he also employs a wide variety of surfaces, forms, objects, and mixed media, and enjoys collecting discarded materials for assemblage work. He paints primarily with acrylics and produces work that ranges in size from several square inches to mural-sized works on un-stretched canvas.

    Yuki Miyazaki
    Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Yuki Miyazaki came to Los Angeles as a girl, deeply interested in continuing her family’s tradition of creating art. Yuki’s paintings have been described as “Eastern pop culture meets classic Western children’s book illustrations.” Recently selected to appear in the Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage 2008 Calendar and Cultural Guide, she continues to explore her childhood influences with Western culture and expresses them through her paintings.

    ~ Live Painting ~

    Carlos Vera
    Carlos Raphael Vera was born in Los Angeles, California on May 3, 1973. He spent his childhood in Los Angeles before he moved to Boston in 1992 to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. After leaving the Museum school Vera spent time in New York City and Louisville, Kentucky before returning to Los Angeles in 1996 to pursue a career in the art world. He began work in the film industry as a conceptual illustrator, which helped further establish his craft. Vera continued to work on many group, as well as solo, art exhibits, which included his live painting shows. He opened an art gallery in North Hollywood in 2000 and in 2001 utilized the gallery as a springboard for a youth based entrepreneurship program in the arts (California Artists for Humanity). Carlos is currently working as a designer, fine artist, and an aggressive live painter.
    When asked the question, “What is your inspiration?” Carlos’ answer is…”all of you.”

    ~ Edible Sculpture ~

    Hip Hop Chocolate
    Marcus Gray is a 32-year old artist living in Los Angeles. He conceived of a confection that could act as a meditation on the potential of culture. The product consists of a series of chocolate sculptures made in
    the shape of various symbols associated with the hip hop culture.

    ~Video Projection~

    Museum/ of/ Traffic (M/o/T)
    Museum/ of/ Traffic (M/o/T) is a traveling audiovisual production collective promoting expression through digital technologies and audiovisual products. M/o/T was founded in the fall of 2004 in Los Angeles by Manwell H.Hernandez (Art Center College of Design 2003 BFA-Multimedia) and Eddy Vajarakitipongse (Art Center College of Design 2002 BFA-Multimedia).

    M/o/T activities to date include “expanded cinema” performances, impermanent audiovisual installations, digital projections, performance art, “institutional” events, TV commercials and live audiovisual.

    Paul Zelevansky
    Paul Zelevansky is an artist, writer, and teacher living in Los Angeles. The work presented in Create:Fixate is drawn from his Flash animation website GREAT BLANKNESS (www.greatblankness.com). GREAT BLANKNESS is composed primarily of found material selected from clip art, old text books, puzzles and games, music samples, sound effects, quotations, and video clips both identified and anonymous. Running between 20 seconds and a minute+ in length, these animation loops encourage multiple viewings, repetition serving to extend a joke, reveal the text, build anticipation, or generate unease in order to establish a kinetic link with the content. The collective title of this now five-year project–A GREAT BLANKNESS THAT INSPIRES AWE–refers to a sense of inspiration and surprise before the declarative speech of the stereotype, but this blankness is “great” and expansive to the extent that it seduces the viewer into the oscillating web of meaning that the mix provides.

    ~ Fashion/Jewelry ~

    Billie Shane/Bronze Age Modern
    Designer Billie Shane has been thrilled by the idea of discovering beauty in unlikely places since she was young. While growing up in Los Angeles, she could be found plowing through flea markets, antique shops, and even trashcans for hidden treasures. These days, she creates visceral forms inspired by the rich dynamic sculpture and ceramics of the 20th century combined with earthy textures.

    Bronze Age Modern is a unisex line of pendants, lariats, bracelets, cuff links, and rings cast in bronze and sterling silver. Many of the necklaces and bracelets are available on both leather and chain.

    Brooke Benson Designs
    Brooke Benson is an emerging designer working and living in Venice, CA. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Theater, her creativity began to extend to other art forms. Her jewelry designs are inspired by her extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia, Nepal and the Middle East. There is a distinct style that is captured in the designs, revealing a uniquely raw, but refined, style. Using spiritual symbols, gold, wood and semi-precious stones, her pieces are created to ignite the divine creative energy within each of us and enhance our awareness to the beauty that lies within. Each one of these energetic adornments carries a special essence that is felt by all who wear it. Recently written up in Daily Candy, her creations “blend the earthy with the ethereal.”

    Creasol by Soledad Proaño
    Soledad’s functional art is mainly characterized by organic, abstract designs (as images that give impressions and feelings, more than the recreation of people or landscapes) and an eye-catching use of color. In the process of making her mosaics, she looks not only for harmony for herself but also for the final recipients of her work. The final objective is to always give some beauty to other people’s lives, and in the pursuing of this objective, she works on every piece until satisfied with it, no matter how long it takes. Although she uses ceramics, glass, mirror, and glass pebbles, most of her mosaics are made from vitreous glass, a material that comes in squares, normally 3/4″ wide, that are carefully shaped to make them fit one next to the other. Each one of her mosaics is one of a kind.

    Doe Studio
    Doe Studio is the line of Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Susanna Rödder. Her collection is handmade in sterling silver and 14kt gold vermeil. Her pieces are modern and clean, but never exacting. No line is ever straight, no circle perfectly round, no shape symmetrical. Her designs are effortless, elegant, quietly clever. Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, Rödder now lives and works in Hollywood, California.

    Sasha Bell
    Sasha Bell is a well-versed Canadian silversmith and jewelry designer who has recently returned to this passion full-time since moving to Los Angeles this past year. Her desire to create jewelry and work with precious metals was first piqued at the Kootenay School of the Arts in B.C. Canada, where she completed a 2-year program of small object and jewelry design. She is a popular designer on the well-known Etsy website and sells her jewelry at many stores throughout the US. Her style is both modern and edgy, with an organic feel presented in soft brushed finishes and deep patinas. Through her jewelry design process, she intends to create completely handmade miniature wearable works of art to be treasured by women of all ages.

    Victoria Reyna Designs
    Victoria Reyna, native of Argentina, earned a Master’s Degree in Interior Design in Buenos Aires. Her excitement about design brought her to many ways of expression: interior design, landscape design, and now jewelry. The concept of her work is minimalist, contemporary and architectural, and her pieces are handmade, one of a kind. For her, beauty is the illusion painted in materials; it is the combination of expressive materials, interesting color palettes and clean sleek lines.

    ~ Audio Lab ~

    Anthony Plamondon
    Detroit born and Los Angeles based DJ Anthony Plamondon has been DJing and throwing events since the early eighties. He has deejayed in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Detroit, Las Vegas, and other cities. His musical interests vary from Funkadelic, Bowie, Air, The Pixies, Sufjan Stevens, Deerhunter, Blonde Redhead, Matthew Dear, Four Tet, Moodymann, and Theo Parrish. Plamondon has a residency at Bar 107 and plays regularly with the experimental collective Big Thaw.

    Whether it’s producing original music and remixes or killing it live behind the decks, AudioMoe (AKA Moses Truzman) combines his passion for music and expression to create something truly unique. Born in New York, he was influenced by many styles of music ranging from rock, Latin and hip hop. According to him, “Music has no labels. It’s all just soul music to me.” And with that mindset, he creates music that crosses genres and styles but still hits you in the same place. As for his DJ sets, be prepared to get taken on a journey that touches on funk, hip hop, house and everything else in-between.

    Cajami is the alias for Michael Callon, a Los Angeles native whose dad was the sound engineer for Funkadelic and founded JDC Records, an early dance and hip hop label and distributor. Cajami was always highly passionate about many different styles of music, but became hooked on electronic and dance music in 2000. At the end of 2002, he started mixing records and now has deejayed at parties and clubs throughout Los Angeles. He started producing music in late 2006 and will be putting out his first release this year through TechnoHop Records.

    Irwin’s Conspiracy
    Irwin is known for melding the spontaneity of jazz and power of rock with a pulse like hip hop on steroids, though rarely sounding retro. His unique performances have merited four return tours to Europe and praise from the most critical music and art aficionados. All beats are performed live, while other sounds are designed and generated from computer, accessed via theremin, composed and looped on the spot. “Irwin doesn’t just play his electronic (music)- he makes it on the spot, creating all the beats and sounds right in front of you… see it if you dare pussy.” –PaperMag

    Love Grenades
    Playful, sexy, and eminently danceable, Love Grenades is a new, unifying force in independent music – in its most literal interpretation. The brainchild of 25-year-old mastermind Elizabeth Wight, Love Grenades is the unlikely beat-driven collision of electro-pop, Italo disco and punk that’s winning over Los Angeles audiences. Ever since the band began playing two years ago, Love Grenades has packed L.A.’s hippest venues, including The Echo and Silverlake Lounge. Tracks have been on heavy rotation in local underground dance clubs well before their official releases, in addition to making playlists on radio stations KXLU, KCRW and INDIE103.1. The LA Weekly has called the band “as scorching as they are seductive – a collective soundtrack for making out one-on-one or maxing out with a hundred sweaty strangers on the dance floor.”

    Morgan Alexander
    Morgan Alexander began building a sonic home in house music in the early nineties. Career highlights include his residency with LIFE, ¬Boston’s largest weekly deep soulful house night, traveling as part of Mountain Dew’s entertainment presence for the 2000 and 2001 X Games, regular features on the West Coast, and hosting “Wednesday Revolutions,” the deep installment of Boston’s revered electronic dance music show on WERS 88.9FM. Morgan cites his influences sure to be found in his record bag ¬as producers prolific in their ability to squeeze soul out of machines.
    Formed in Los Angeles in 1993, Spain released three albums (Blue Moods of Spain, She Haunts My Dreams, I Believe) between 1995 and 2001. A compilation CD, Spirituals: The Best of Spain, was released in 2003. In 2007 Spain founder Josh Haden reformed the band with all-new members Tom Gladders (guitar), Randy Kirk (keyboards, guitar), Matt Mayhall (drums), and Marcel Camargo (guitar). A brand new album is forthcoming produced by Soulsavers’ Rich Machin.

    Square-1 (Stephan Jacobs) started deejaying in 2000, where he spun his special blend of hip hop at local house parties and clubs in his home town of Vancouver, Canada. Jacobs’ production style was fueled by underground music cultures, which lead him to Los Angeles. Here he made his appearance known in the L.A. underground where he plugged into the Burning Man and club scenes. Square-1 is currently working on his solo album, Hooked on Stephanix, to be released 4/20/09.

    Steve Loria

    West Coast’s legendary house DJ, Steve Loria is a globally recognized artist traveling all over Europe, the United States, South America and Japan. His fascinating style, ranging from deep house to progressive to acid house, has given him a respected name in the electronic music community. Loria has headlined parties such as Los Angeles’ largest New Year’s party Together as One three years in a row, San Francisco’s Gucci party and legendary By the People parties, Freedom Festival, and furthermore, he was invited to lead the grand opening extravaganza at Las Vegas’ now legendary super club Utopia. Loria was also chosen to be a part of the DUB Tour that traveled across America with other exceptional house talent and friends like Doc Martin, DJ Pierre, Josh Wink, King Britt, and Eddie Amador. Loria has produced and remixed tracks for world-renowned labels such as Plastic City, Stickman, Power Music, and Distant Music.

    # # #

    For more information, images or to set up interviews please contact Green Galactic’s Lynn Hasty at 213-840-1201 or lynn@greengalactic.com.

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