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    Green Galactic
    is located in Los Angeles, California.  To reach a human please call 213-840-1201 or email – lynn at greengalactic dot com.

    Established in Hollywood, California in 1993, Green Galactic (GG) provides publicity and marketing consulting services primarily to arts, culture, and entertainment clients. Specifically, GG develops strategic marketing campaigns, publicizes new initiatives, and builds audiences. GG’s primary goal is to generate exciting media attention for its clients. As a boutique lifestyle marketing firm, GG’s client focus is on innovative culture producers. Within this world, GG offers a full range of services guiding clients from the initial planning stage, through branding, all the way to media placement. GG’s core strength is in building and maintaining diverse media relationships – nationally, regionally, and locally – in order to access desirable culture seekers including urban adventurers, theater & performance art fans, music lovers, art consumers, film buffs, foodies, the LGBTQ community, youth culture, and local creative industry professionals. GG’s mission is to intelligently and enthusiastically promote cultural organizations and people who enrich the world, making it happier, healthier, and more interesting.



    Green Galactic’s clients come from the world of arts and entertainment, frequently blurring the lines between fine art and popular culture. In any given month, Green Galactic works with theatre, music, art, film, and dance clients and sometimes book, food, fashion, and an assortment of other niche artistic genres, as well as charity and nonprofit organizations. PR campaigns are typically focused around a live event component (record release parties, film screenings and premieres, art openings, etc.). Green Galactic client projects are often labeled experimental, alternative, edgy, forward-thinking, and thought-provoking.

 For details on Green Galactic clients, including key campaign results, please see the Client section of this site.

    Lynn Tejada:
    For 25 years, Green Galactic Founder Lynn Tejada has been the go-to publicist in Los Angeles for alternative art and culture producers, representing clients on a local, regional, national, and international scale. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Tejada – an avid music and movie fan – created the firm on the foundation of her love for electronic music/DJ culture. First, with Green House Record Pool in 1993, where she helped record labels disburse and promote their house and techno 12” vinyl records to the top DJs on the West Coast. Then, the following year, she would become a partner in Public Space, a “live ambient” club birthed by Ultra-red that Tejada would grow into a long-running home for live experimental electronic music concerts at various venues in and around Hollywood, CA. The lion’s share of event producing activity occurred between 1994 and 2004 (see curated performer list).

    Since then, her promotional focus and client base has grown to include all things of interest to her including music of all sorts, theatre, art, film, dance/choreography, restaurants, fashion, books, and more. Tejada has a B.S. in Television Production from Ferris State University in Michigan. Prior to forming GG, she worked in the Detroit offices of global ad agency McCann-Erickson as an Assistant Producer for retail accounts, as well as Business Manager of the Los Angeles branch of Fleet Street, a San Francisco-based post-production facility. Tejada is also drawn to helping charities and nonprofit clients – she currently sits on the board of Linda Carmella Sibio’s Bezerk Productions and on the advisory board of Lauren Segal’s Give A Beat. She is also on the Honorary Board of Flea’s Silverlake Conservatory of Music and sat on the board of humanitarian nonprofit NextAid for many years.

    Green Galactic Interview:
    Please click on the player image below to hear Green Galactic’s Lynn Tejada and Charlene Boehne speak about the firm, publicity in general, when to hire a publicist, and when not to. The interview was conducted on July 26, 2010 by Creative Consultant Diana Rivera for her Co-Creator Series, a program which unearths information from experts in creative fields in order to set the stage for the skills, strategies, and synergies that ignite creativity and productivity (32 min.)

    Interview With Green Galactic



    Historical List of Artists Who Have Performed at GG-Produced Events Back-in-the-Day:

    Green Galactic’s Eclectic Orbit

    Green Galactic’s 20 Year Anniversary Concert Music Video by David Minick:


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