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  • Naked Rhythm

    Caravan Records Release
    Naked Rhythm’s Debut Album
    July 18, 2006

    “A great musical journey” ~ Sting

    (Los Angeles, CA) – Caravan Records is proud to announce Naked Rhythm’s debut album, Frequency. The album is a combination of dance remixes of traditional music and original tracks that draw from a wide range of world influences, including Middle-Eastern, Indian, Latin, and Brazilian.  Production duo Alex Spurkel and Avi Sills who enjoyed collaborating with musicians from around the globe, talk about the-making-of, “It was inspired by a love for world music, a close community of extraordinarily talented musicians, and the joy of dancing all night long under the stars.”  Frequency maintains the authenticity of the musical traditions it draws from, while presenting the music in a contemporary way that audiences around the world can resonate with.  A record release party is planned for Friday, June 16, 2006 in Los Angeles at The Derby.  Caravan Records will release this beautiful gem on July 18, 2006.  The enhanced CD contains a bonus performance and interview video.  For more information please visit www.nakedrhythm.com.

    Naked Rhythm takes the listener on an exotic musical journey ranging from world-inspired house and dance music to downtempo breakbeats, hip-hop, and lounge, all with a sweeping, cinematic appeal.  More oriented toward songs than DJ mixes, the album is set against a dense backdrop of hand-woven rhythms, and uncompromisingly sexy melodies and vocals, all enriched by the sounds of world-renowned artists like Djivan Gasparian, master doudouk player from Armenia; Abhiman Kaushal, Indian tabla player formerly with Ravi Shankar; Brutha Los, the Oakland-based rapper known for his work with Omar Sosa and the Company of Prophets; Tony Khalife, Lebanese spiritual singer; and soulful R&B singer, CC White, who has previously lent her vocal talents to Joe Cocker and Barry White.  Together with such tremendous talent, Naked Rhythm has produced an album that is as timeless as it is contemporary – one that strikes a common resonance felt around the globe.

    Naked Rhythm was born in Los Angeles in 2003 as a collaborative effort between Avi Sills and Alex Spurkel with a vision of uniting people around the globe with multi-cultural music and dance.  By seamlessly fusing exotic world music and percussion with contemporary electronic dance grooves, Naked Rhythm captivates Western audiences with the universal language of rhythm and sounds of the Middle East, India, Africa, and South America.  The result is an innovative and organic form of world electronica that moves the heart as well as the hips.  Naked Rhythm’s street popularity has steadily snowballed and they have performed for heavy hitters such as Sting, Stevie Wonder, Dianna Ross, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., The Black Eyed Peas and others. Naked Rhythm has contributed tracks to such collectable compilations as Tantra Lounge Vol. 3 (Water Music) along with artists such as Thievery Corporation, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and Natasha Atlas; Electric Oasis (Caravan) and the upcoming Bellydance Superstars Vol. 4 (Mondo Melodia).  They’ll also have a track on the new Tantra Lounge Vol. 4, out May 23, 2006.

    Alex Spurkel, a diverse producer and percussionist, has toured the world as a cutting-edge electronic/world drummer for acclaimed electronic music pioneers, Electric Skychurch. Spurkel has a solid background in World music and studied ethno-musicology at UCLA, as well as with numerous world-renowned masters.  He is also an award-winning producer/composer and released his own sample library CD entitled Electro-World Percussion with Sony Digital Media.

    Avi Sills is a dynamic and inspiring drummer/producer. Sills has toured the world as the drummer for numerous artists and member of various bands, and studied at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music.  Sills has worked with Bob Dylan, Robert Downey Jr., Robert Cray, Red Elvises, and Adam Sandler.  He has been involved with the following TV shows: Oprah Winfrey, Melrose Place, Penn & Teller, and many more.  As a member of the Red Elvises, they starred in, and their music was featured in, the now cult classic, Six String Samurai, released by Palm Pictures.  Sills works regularly as a composer and is a partner in music production house Fuel Music And Sound.

    Caravan Records is a specialty record label focusing on world-beat/electronica artists and compilations.  Caravan is a sub-label of Hollywood Music Center, the largest exporters of Belly Dance and traditional Middle-Eastern releases owned by a single label.  Based in Glendale, CA, they export to over 40 countries. Caravan founder and label owner Mher Panossian’s motto is simple, “Moving the listener – Inspiring our artists.”

    Frequency‘s Track Listing:

    1.)            “Deep Lotus” (5:04)

                    Featuring Dominic Dean Breaux on Flute & Saxophone


    2.)            “Babylon” (4:49)

                    Featuring the vocal performance of Brutha Los & Woroud Antabil, Djivan Gasparian on Doudouk

                    Arabian Instrumentation by Zareh Keshishian


    3.)            “Gypsy Lounge” (4:42)

                    Featuring Battista on Flamenco Guitar, Roy Robinson on Bongos


    4.)            “Shisha” (5:20)

                    Featuring Mark Josephson on Violin, Alex Spurkel on Doumbek, Avi Sills on Percussion

                    Amer Ammouri on Oud, Dominic Dean Breaux on Sax & Flute


    5.)            “Samba Bionic” (6:10)

                    Featuring the Vocal performance of CC White, Avi Sills on Caixa, Congas, Cuica, Agogo bells,

                    Alex Spurkel on Surdo, Repinique, Congas, Percussion


    6.)            “Sandstorm” (4:13)

                    Featuring Amer Ammouri on Oud, Badr Dbaah on Violin, and Avi Sills on Doumbek


    7.)            “Sari Sky” (6:37)

                    Featuring the vocal performance of Caitanya Reggin, Abhiman Kaushal on Tabla, Marty Allen on    Sitar, Chris Golden on Bass


    8.)            “Sundinaya” (5:58)

                    Featuring the Sanskrit Vocals by Tony Khalife, and Arabic vocals by Woroud Antabil, Suzanne       Teng on Ney, Rik Shiraz on Sitar, and Avi Sills on Funky Clav, Drum Set.


    9.)            “Moon Over Ala Nar” (4:36)

                    Featuring the Sami Nossair Orchestra, and percussion from Magical Fingers


    10.)          “Mirage” (5:41)

                    Featuring the Vocal performance of Avi Sills, Alex Spurkel on Doumbek & Congas, and the               Salatin El Tarab Orchestra


    11.)          “Gypsy Majik” [Gypsy Lounge vocal remix] (4:07)

                    Featuring the vocal performance of CC White, Battista on Flamenco Guitar, Roy Robinson on           Bongos

                    BONUS Track: Naked Rhythm’s Enhanced CD includes Performance and Interview Video

    For more information or to interview Naked Rhythm please contact Lynn Hasty at Green Galactic at 323-466-5141 or lynn@greengalactic.com.