• Create:Fixate Presents
    Snap Flash
    All Photography Show
    At Premiere Events Center in Downtown Los Angeles
    Saturday, April 28, 2012

    LOS ANGELES, CA – April 9, 2012 – Arts organization Create:Fixate (C:F) is proud to participate in MOPLA (Month of Photography – Los Angeles hosted by the Lucie Foundation) with its all photography exhibit Snap Flash on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Premiere Events Center in Downtown Los Angeles. C:F’s signature blend features vibrant artwork and music produced by over forty local artists, DJs, and musicians. The excitement begins at 4:00pm with a three-hour gallery preview.  The main event starts at 7:00pm and closes at 2:00am.  Admission is $15.00 before 9:00pm and $20.00 for the remainder of the night. Premiere Events Center is located at 613 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021. For more information, including an image gallery of participating artists works, please visit www.createfixate.com. C:F can be reached by phone at 310-590-7199 for other inquiries.

    The evening begins with a preview of the exhibit from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. There is a $5 suggested donation during this period but kids twelve-years old and younger are allowed free entry.  Parents are encouraged to bring the whole family during the preview hours and take advantage of the Kids Kreativity Zone.  Overflowing with art supplies, the Zone provides a supervised space where youth can dive into their own expression while parents explore the exhibit.  While all ages are welcome during the preview, attendees must be 21-years old or older to enter after 7:00pm.

    Snap Flash will present an array of images adhering to the premise that life can reside in a single moment in time – and in that millisecond, a whole story can be told. This show will honor moments in time that would have never been shared without the presence of a photographer and their remarkable vision.

    The curatorial direction will include all photographic mediums and styles including film, digital, 3D, multi-media image manipulation, and even interactive. Anything goes as long as the original image was captured on camera by our participating photographers.

    As part of Create:Fixate’s community outreach efforts the organization continues to empower youth through arts with its Young Creatives Art Program. C:F is currently working with A Place Called Home (APCH) through 2012.  The second session has commenced for the month of April as C:F works with their digital media students on a photography project to be exhibited at the Snap Flash show.  APCH is a safe haven in South Los Angeles where underserved youth are empowered to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives through programs in education, arts, and well being; and are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their community and the world.

    Snap Flash will feature the creativity of over twenty-five photographers in the “Optical Lounge,” the evening’s visual feast, presenting a stunning array of painting, photography, multi-media, interactive installation, and performance art. Highlights include:

    Dean Karr, a prolific music video/commercial director known for his directorial work with artists such as Marilyn Manson, the Dave Matthews Band, and Ozzy Osbourne, who will bring his cutting edge photographic images to Snap Flash.

    Andrew Matusik collaborates in the creative process of producing fantasy and impact-full images. He does not shy away from pushing new mediums into new unexplored territory. He will bring his fresh creative approach and an aggressive application of new technologies to the show.

    Tiffany Trenda is a video installation performance artist. Her process is to take technology (LCDs, video projectors, cameras, etc.) and create a digital environment with an embodied performance that simulates the human psyche. Her work is an investigation of how we are defined and redefined through the integration of technology.

    • The LA 3-D Club (Stereo Club of Southern California) is a Los Angeles based organization dedicated to promoting the art, enjoyment and science of stereoscopic 3-D imaging. The club will be exhibiting The 54th Hollywood International Stereo Exhibition 2012 – featuring a digitally projected selection of award winning 3-D photos from around the globe. In addition, the group will share stereoscopic 3-D projection from members of the LA 3-D Club.

    The Audio Lab,” otherwise known as the music portion of the evening, completes Create:Fixate’s vision.  Highlights include:

     Garth Trinidad, the award winning, critically acclaimed radio personality, DJ, and culture critic who will bring his progressive mix of soul, hip-hop, and world rhythms to the night.

    • Joplin whose musical style is eclectic, but for the last 13 years, she has been mainly recognized for her deep and funky house grooves.

    • Space Ribbon who is foremost a composer/producer combining acid, dub, and techno elements; he has developed a mainly tech/deep house style of DJing.

    • And expect surprises from Matthew DeMerritt & Friends. DeMerritt is known for saxophone (tenor, bari, & alto) and also plays flute, keyboards, percussion, and melodica.

    Create:Fixate is an arts organization that has now completed a decade of serving the emerging art and music community of Los Angeles.  The organization is best known for its signature blend of art and music, along with thousands of art lovers and party goers in massive – and at times intimate – warehouse locations and alternative spaces on a quarterly basis.  Founder Michelle Berc curates, produces and hosts these ambitious group art shows that present creative beings from around the globe with an emphasis on the local talent of Los Angeles. The production team also includes Music Coordinator Andrea Giardina, and a core team of volunteers and dedicated advisory board members. Awe-inspiring painters, photographers, sculptors, and multi-media artists exhibit alongside an equally impressive array of Los Angeles’ finest DJs and musicians. Each event’s aural artists are poised to create a soundtrack for the night that transforms this from a simple art show into one of the city’s most anticipated art events.

    Optical Lounge:

    Andrew Matusik –
    Andrew Matusik is an image creator. His embracement of the digital medium of today has enabled him to advance the visual esthetic of photography.  His classic training, coupled with an aggressive application of new technologies allows him to produce surreal and impact-full images appealing to a new generation of visual consumers.

    Avesha Michael
    Los Angeles based artist Avesha Michael is a photographer, designer and ceramicist.  The minimalist approach in Avesha’s work is very reflective of her process, very organic, honest and pure in nature.  As a commercial and fine art photographer, her work has been published in numerous magazines and publications and shown in galleries both nationally and internationally.  Her newest body of work, her “Paris in Puddle” series is highly graphic and abstract, yet gentle in contradiction.  The Puddle Series is an ongoing project and new direction for Avesha, as a photographic artist and has been very well received.

    Cerraeh Dutchess Laykin
    Native L.A. photographer Cerraeh Dutchess Laykin has been drawing, painting and creating imagery since childhood. Though self-taught in photography, she has mastered capturing light, color and composition and has a passion for creating provocative images from ordinary objects, such as food and flowers.

    David A. Knudsen (DAK) –
    After years of practicing fine art photography, DAK has become almost entirely liberated from his DSLR. With the iPhone in his pocket, there’s never a lost opportunity to capture the beauty all around! With a primarily abstract style, DAK captures Reflections, Shadows, Textures and Patterns in our everyday world from a unique perspective. No apps or effects are used. It’s all about the composition and the aesthetic. He embraces the limitation of this instrument in creating captivating imagery.

    When speaking of Director/Photographer Dean Karr, the one thing that people seem to agree about is that he is a true original. His signature style, often copied but never duplicated, has gained him international recognition as one of a small group of young media artists whose work interprets and defines our time.

    Dean Karr
    Dean Karr’s prolific work as a music video/commercial director, and his cutting edge photographic images, have brought him to the forefront of his craft. His directorial work, with artists such as Marilyn Manson, the Dave Matthews Band, the Deftones, Ozzy Osbourne, Dr. Dre, Duran Duran and Velvet Revolver, reveals a highly-tuned sense of style, fashion, art, and storytelling. His music videos are constantly found at the top of MTV playlists, and have been nominated for major MTV, Much Music, Billboards, and MVPA Video Awards in each of the last several years.

    Actively pursuing his feature film career, he is now in pre-production on his first major release “Condemned”. Karr’s photography has been the subject of numerous shows at galleries ranging from the Laguna Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Karnowsky Gallery, to a show that travelled throughout Russia and the Ukraine in mid 1999. His striking album and print work is familiar to the music buying public.

    Always finding inspiration from reality, Karr has developed a sense of adventure in seeking out unique settings for his projects. Recent ventures have taken him to such varied locations as the Amazon Rain Forests, and the chilled waters of South Australia to film the Great White Shark.

    Erik Borzi
    Erik Borzi is a seasoned fashion photographer and a 3D digital artist with over 20 years of feature film and television commercial experience. In a departure from working in fashion and on blockbuster films, Borzi’s mixed media, fine art photography focuses on his fascination with the human condition through the use of archetypes as an instrument for visual narrative. In this series of images, his focus is on transformation and the uplifting support of a strong community during trying times. Borzi works with encaustic beeswax, an outstanding archival medium that has been around for over 4,000 years, for its archival properties and for its refractive properties, which slightly warps the image in ways that gives it depth and creates an overall ethereal visual experience.

    Franklin Londin – Interactive 3D Photography Displays –
    “Beyond single lens photography, 3D photography has the magical ability to draw you into a space.  More than remembering the event from a flat image, you are reliving the moment by the active engagement of your eyes and brain. In essence you’re time traveling.”

    Franklin Londin is a two time Academy Award winner for his animation work on the Titanic and Spiderman2 visual effects teams. His passion is shooting 3D photography and sharing that passion with others.

    Through his work he loves contributing to the “wow” in peoples’ lives. He wants to remind people of the amazing blessing of binocular vision. His interactive displays have been seen at art events around Los Angeles. They are meant to be touched and enjoyed. Franklin is  also a member of the Stereo Club of Southern California and a graduate of NYU Film School.

    Jamais vu
    Jamais vu is a term in psychology (from the French, meaning “never seen”) which is used to describe any familiar situation, which is not recognized by the observer. Often described as the opposite of déjà vu, jamais vu involves a sense of eeriness and the observer’s impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that he or she has been in the situation before.

    Jamais vu is more commonly explained as when a person momentarily does not recognize a word, person, or place that they already know. As a photographer Jamais Vu uses a digital camera to take photographs of models, places, and things. He then combines these images into new compositions and realities.

    Javiera Estrada
    Javiera Estrada was born in Acapulco, Mexico on Aug.6 making her a Leo Rooster with a Scorpio Moon.  She was creative from day 1, always getting into trouble for drawing on the walls and sometimes her face with nail polish.  After many years of traveling, Javiera decided to settle in Los Angeles, enrolling in Santa Monica College, ranked one of the top photography programs in the country.  In school she was one of three chosen to receive a grant as an award of excellence and was honored a coveted mentorship program given to one student every three years. Soon thereafter Javiera continued to exhibit in over 16 gallery shows in L.A.

    In regards to the creative process, Javiera believes that every piece of art is a self-portrait, a physical expression of that inner world that is nameless; the part of us that goes beyond our thoughts and self-created paradigms.  The external factors of time, light and space are inescapable influences.  The sound of the camera’s click is the confluence of these two worlds, a place between reality and the ethereal.

    Jimi Dava
    Jimi Dava, born in Tbilisi Georgia the former republic of the USSR, moved to New York City with his parents at the age of 5, where he was immersed in the art culture that NYC had to offer. Dava soon realized his calling and attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where he focused his studies on film.

    He has gone on to direct Music Videos and Commercials and is currently working on his first feature film. Enamored with the Visual aspect of film Dava is rarely seen not taking a photograph. He is inspired by form, composition and the play between light and shadows. Dava currently resides in Los Angeles and continues to chase his dreams of becoming a raconteur through visual arts.

    Kathy B. Shapiro
    Kathy B. Shapiro is a fine art photographer specializing in contemporary color images.  She seeks to create abstract art through manipulation of her lens and camera settings.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Shapiro has lived in Laguna Niguel, California, since 1991.  Her work is currently on display and in the permanent collection of Hoag Hospital, Irvine, California.  She has been in various juried exhibits from Orange County, California to Middlebury, Vermont.  Shapiro has received awards in each of the past two years’ Single Image Contest in B&W + Color photography magazine.

    Kristen Perman
    Kristen Perman is a California based photographer inspired by the urban suburban sprawl of her surroundings.   A Polaroid enthusiast, Kristen’s work unearths is an evocative collection of images of the everyday and familiar.  Kristen received a BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and lives in Los Angeles.

    Manoosh Nabavi
    Manoosh Nabavi has earned her degree in Photography and Acting from Youth Cinematographer Center in Tehran, Iran in 2006. Growing up in an artistic family, to cinematographer parents, inspired her to be a creative thinker since her early days. She has worked in different fields of photography such as advertising, portrait and modeling, theater and cinema photography, she has also worked with different singers and music bands. She moved to the United States in 2010 and continued working in the same field. Her photos have been published in Eastern Eye magazine in UK in 2011. She believes that ” It is always possible to enjoy life, discover new and exciting things by observing carefully in our surrounding environment, by paying attention to details in these settings and by capturing the moments on camera”. She learned from photography to be aware of any of these existent details that lot of people would just passed and don’t pay any attention to them.

    Norman Golightly
    A feature film producer by trade but relentless photographer by hobby, Norman Golightly spent much of the last two years focused on his volunteer efforts with the Cura Rotary Home in rural Kenya, an orphanage to 50 children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Golightly spent months living at the orphanage capturing what he found to be an unexpected world of color and optimism. Further sharing his passion for the still image, Golightly put the children themselves behind the lens through the gift of cameras donated from around the world.

    Michael Rababy
    Documentary/street photographer Michael Rababy likes taking pictures of people.  He studied art history at the University of San Diego before spending time in Paris. Taking influence from Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Henri Cartier-Bresson, his ethnographic documentary book, American Bachelor details the highs and lows of the single male.   His credits include The VICE Magazine Photo Book, Mercedes-Benz, E!, the style network, Fine Living, LA Weekly, the Village Voice, Time-Out New York, Citizen LA, LA Canvas, and TLC’s LA ink.  Michael lives in Southern California with his record collection and is currently at work on his latest masterpiece.

    Patrick McPheroi
    Patrick McPheron is a photographer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California. His work is inspired by music, pop culture, nature and—of course—his everyday life.

    His nighttime long-exposure series takes the ordinary street corner and transforms it into an alien landscape whose sole function is design. Patrick will be showcasing new work that is printed on metal.

    Steve Payne, oft known as “Paynie” started out working for the British rock journals NME and Melody Maker back in the early 80’s.  He then graduated to The Evening Standard (London’s newspaper) shooting editorial and portraits.  He did not attend any St. Martins College of Art nor read any fancy photography books.  He just used to take pictures and people seemed to like them.

    He moved to LA in 1991 and worked as a video director, but never stopped taking pictures.  He still shoots some film/video, the latest being “The Revenge of the Electric Car,” directed by Chris Paine.  He is currently editing a DVD about the Seattle band, Candlebox. For years Payne has enjoyed shooting dancers, both stills and film, and one crazy evening these images got created with the fabulous Sonya Krimsky.

    Robin Warner
    Robin Warner.  Discovered photography June of 2010.  Motivated by a feeling of emptiness due to life changes, she was encouraged by a friend to pick up a camera.  This is the first time she had ever been behind the lens.  Her whole world opened up, she saw things she had never noticed before, she saw beauty everywhere.  “Everywhere” included nature and, most interestingly, the streets, where she was particularly drawn to the homeless.  Moved by their stories and free spirits, so deeply inspired.  She thrives on capturing their soul, their spirit and their relationship to the environment.

    Rex Bruce
    Rex Bruce has been working with art and technology for over two decades, distinguishing himself as an innovative artist, educator and curator working in a wide variety of computer related disciplines over the course of his career. Currently his focus is experimentation with a variety of low resolution digital cameras, using them as a starting point for inverting the conventions of photographic art and digital imaging. Bruce is the founder and director of Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. He founded the digital program at Artists Television Access (San Francisco) for which he curated exhibits and created curriculum. He received his masters from SFSU in Interdisciplinary Art where he also taught and developed curriculum for many years. His work has been shown internationally for over twenty years. Most recently he has emerged as a significant artist and organizer in the burgeoning Renaissance in downtown Los Angeles as well as becoming a leader in the exploding international scene revolving around art and technology. Video and photography from this current series have been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou, Laznia Center for Contemporary Art (Poland), Guggenheim Gallery (Chapman University), California Museum of Photography (U.C. Riverside), New Media Center Santa Ana, Found Gallery, Niche.LA Video Art, Silver Lake Film Festival, Downtown Film Festival–Los Angeles, photoLA, photoSF, and Scope L.A. and LACDA.

    R. Dean Larson
    R. Dean Larson has been a professional photographer and a photography teacher in Los Angeles for over 40 years.  His Fine Art work has been influenced by two very different styles of photography:  the Architectural Documentary and the Hollywood Glamour styles.  He photographs locations, buildings, anywhere that has a sense of ‘place’ as a documentarian, and then glamorizes them through digital manipulation.  He uses the backdrop of the sky to add emotionality to the image.  His work has been shown internationally and is in many fine art collections.

    Stephan Canthal
    Technology is a key component in the work of Stephan Canthal.  He began experimenting with the photographic medium while pursuing a Fine Arts degree at California State University of Long Beach.  His interest in advancing this medium and its process has led him to printing on multiple surfaces including aluminum, wood, film, and specialty papers.  As he explores the idea of printing images on different surfaces, he starts to use it to not only accent the image but to also create a communication between substrate and imagery.

    Stephen Hutchison
    Stephen Hutchison studied art at the University of California, Los Angeles. He works in the mediums of photography, video, and installation. His latest series engages traditional landscape imagery while withholding the concessions of material and scale.

    Sven Dreesbach
    Based in Los Angeles, California since 2004, Sven Dreesbach has worked as a visual effects artist for some of the leading post production facilities in the industry. Like so many others, he wasn’t able to resist the American West’ temptations with all it’s glorious natural and urban landscapes, eccentric inhabitants, and a sunlight so appealing to many photographers. As a result, still photography became one of his essential creative outlets during his spare time from work. His diverse portfolio includes landscapes, portraiture, street as well as travel photography – which became one of his trademarks.

    Wobsarazzi is a self taught photographer from Costa Mesa, CA.  An Orange County native, he spent time studying graphic design at Cal State Long Beach and advertising at Cal State Fullerton.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago when he picked up the camera again that he had finally found his voice.  Wobsarazzi currently spends most of his time photographing weddings and events, but lives for those nights where he can explore the urban landscape.  Thriving in low light conditions, you’ll find him standing in the middle of the street with cars and buses passing by just a few feet away on any given night of the week.  His work draws inspiration from the speed of life and our constant battle against it.  By slowing down his scenes with long exposures, he aims to strike a balance of life’s constant motion and scenery that we often overlook.

    Tiffany Trenda
    Tiffany Trenda is a video installation performance artist based out of Malibu, CA. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design and her MFA from UCLA Design and Media Arts. She has exhibited at Robert Berman, Farmani Gallery, Photo San Francisco, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Korean Cultural Center, Highways, and Track 16. In 2009, she created an artist installation for Photo Los Angeles and performed live. Later that year she performed “Entropy” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Trenda won the prize of The Artist of the Year at the London Creative Awards in 2008 and 2009.  In 2010, she performed at the World Fair, Shanghai, China.  Most recently, she performed at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) and displayed new media works at the A + D Museum in Los Angeles.

    Her process is to take technology (LCDs, video projectors, cameras, etc.) and create a digital environment with an embodied performance that simulates the human psyche.  Her work is an investigation of how we are defined and redefined through the integration of technology.

    Fashion / Jewelry Designers:

    Bel Kazan
    Bel Kazan is a line of contemporary women’s apparel inspired by the rich culture and natural beauty of Bali. The fit is universally flattering & modernly feminine, yet edgy. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, designer Belinda Kazanci, travels to the stimulating island each season in search of bold, new print combinations in vibrant colors to be reflected in her latest designs. The collection maintains its unique vibe through its original prints, exquisite detailing, and versatility.

    Constitution Couture
    (bio coming soon)

    Delevo Designs
    After graduating from Columbia College, Deborah Vogt became a founding member of The Conjugate Projekt, Transamoeba Studios and The Chicago Art Department, participating in the creation of many collectives, multitudes of events and performance art installations throughout Chicago. She began creating her line of jewelry, Delevo designs, in the year 2000, even traveling to Bali to teacppowntown. She now divides her time between curating and singing in her band, Early Bird Circus. Her jewelry is hand-crafted, elegant and simple, using fine woods, sterling silver and gold, precious and semi-precious stones and recycled materials to create universal and distinctive designs.

    Kucoon Designs –
    (bio coming soon)

    (soy’-ka designs) –
    Natalie Sojka found her first elements of inspiration for this line at an antique shop in rural Pennsylvania. After seeing the unique blend of metal shapes and textures she was inspired to produce her current line of jewelry.  Her goal with this line is to give her clients something unique, sexy, authentic, and edgy to wear, as well as a conversation starter.  All pieces are handmade, one of a kind, and made from all recycled materials.

    Victoria Reyna Designs
    This designer is a native of Argentina, now residing in the USA. She graduated as an interior designer in Buenos Aires. Her excitement about design takes her to many ways of expression: interior design, landscape design and now jewelry and fashion accessories. The concept of her work is minimalist, contemporary and architectural.

    Viola Living Jewels
    Jessica Viola is a botanical designer and the founder of Viola Living Jewels and Viola Gardens. For the past thirteen years, Viola has been cultivating her design portfolio and practice based on sustainability, whole-system solutions and artistic vision.  Viola Gardens was born nearly six years ago, specializing in permaculture-based botanical design, CA native plant restoration, drought-tolerant water-wise artscapes, edible gardens and organics.  Viola Gardens has worked with a large range of clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, both residentially and commercially.  Viola lectures on sustainable landscape design and permaculture at Santa Monica College, Venice Community Housing and Pepperdine University.  After many years of working in design, studying, stretching, exploring holistic living, traveling to South and Central America, playing music, singing, making art, creating gardens and teaching, Viola Living Jewels was born.  The collection features fashion-forward botanical jewelry; amulets of our wild essence.

    Audio Lab:

    Garth Trinidad (KCRW) –
    Garth Trinidad is the award winning, critically acclaimed radio personality, DJ, and culture critic. Through his work in radio, music supervision, and as a voting member of The Recording Academy, he’s broken artists like MIA and Gnarls Barkley, exposed music of independent bands on HBO’s Emmy winning series, Entourage, and is credited in part for creating The Grammy Awards “Best Urban Alternative Performance” category. The LA based DJ is known for his signature style of finessing the airwaves to expose new and progressive international music while paying homage to the classic, by weaving together intergalactic tapestries of sound. Whether on the radio or live, Garth artfully explores a multitude of genres and movements. With skill and ease, he anoints with jazz, indie rock, hip hop, world rhythms, and electronic music to make his point. Over the years he’s satisfied dance floors in South America, Western Europe, and across the US, while his constant presence in Los Angeles and online has informed local and global music trends. http://www.garthtrinidad.biz

    Space Ribbon (mirror-space/Berlin) –
    In his teens, he was already a jet-set club kid migrating between the cultural capitals of EU & US. At 6 years old he began to play the keyboard, continuing on to teach himself cello, viola, drums, bass, and finally Ableton Live. Foremost a composer/producer combining acid, dub, & techno elements; he has developed a mainly tech/deep house style of DJ-ing, dramatic and climactic on the dance floor – but never forgetting to let the music breath.
    Newest Mix: http://soundcloud.com/spaceribbon/flashback; Remix: http://soundcloud.com/space-ribbon/fever-ray-vs-minou-space-ribbon-remix

    Joplin (Pocket, Pork & Beats) –
    With an unusual and intriguing musical upbringing– spanning Bluegrass to Rock, Classical to Jazz and Punk to modern day Electronica-Joplin’s musical style can truly be called eclectic. For the last 13 years, she has been mainly recognized for her deep and funky House grooves, but her more recent repertoire extends far beyond to include Afro-Latin-jazz and Blues influenced Downtempo, Nu Disco, Broken Beat and Funk. http://pocketunderground.com/artist/joplin

    Matthew DeMerritt & Friends
    Based in Los Angeles since 1997, Matthew DeMerrit has toured with Macy Gray, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Rakim, Ghostface Killah, Pharoahe Monch, Breakestra and many more. He has recorded with George Clinton, Eels, Nine Inch Nails, Charlotte Gainsbourg w/ Beck, Everlast, Macy Gray, and many others. In addition to those he has toured with, he has performed with Santana, Mos Def, Common, Black Eyed Peas, , Benny Golson, Sharon Jones, Big Daddy Kane, Nikka Costa, Katy Perry, and many others. He has also contributed to numerous film and commercial projects. In addition to tenor, bari, and alto saxophones, he plays flute, keyboards, percussion, and melodica. www.mattdemerritt.com

    Zygote (Architects and Heroes) –
    Zygote is the brainchild of Stephen Ruiz, aka DJ Stephen R., founder of Architects and Heroes Records. With it’s origins in the Bay Area electronic music scene of the early aughts, Zygote was inspired by musicians that were at the forefront of the “laptop techno” movement. San Francisco Artists such as Kit Clayton, Kid606, J Lesser, Cex, Sutekh, Twerk, Safety Scissors and Matmos were all exploring new ways of producing and performing live electronic music at the time. It was this environment that was influential in paving the way for Stephen to launch his career as a recording artist, producer, DJ, and label owner.

    The musical goal of Zygote has always been to use the mechanized process of electronic music production to convey complex human ideas through sound. With a decade of experience of navigating underground electronic music environs, Zygote is set to take these sound ideas to anew audience. With a newly formed line-up that includes new production partner Will Rosario (aka Asymmetrical Head), as well as guest contributions from a cast of vocalists and MCs, Zygote is embarking on the next chapter of sonic exploration. With a sound that’s influenced in equally by the early Warp Records,Hip-Hop, Techno, Dub and Experimental Music, the “Zygote Sound” is an aural landscape that is as much at home in an art gallery as it is on the dance floor – http://www.stephenruiz.comwww.architectsandheroes.net.

    JC Chamboredon (Milan Records) –
    JC Chamboredon, the head of LA based Milan Records, will provide his mix of downtempo, film scores and world beat.  www.milanrecords.com

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    For more information, images, or to request interviews, please contact Green Galactic’s Lynn Tejada at 213-840-1201 or lynn@greengalactic.com.

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