• EmazingLights Presents
    IGC 2013 – International Gloving Championship:
    Lights are the Main Event
    The World’s Largest Annual Gloving Competition
    At the Historic Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA
    Saturday, September 7, 2013

    LOS ANGELES, CA – July 24, 2013 – Who’s the best Glover on the planet?  EmazingLights will answer that question as hundreds of Glovers compete for that title at the 2013 International Gloving Championship: Lights are the Main Event on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at the historic Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA.  “Tutting,” “morphing,” “conjuring,” and other smooth moves will abound as Glovers from near and far battle head to head to see if they have what it takes to be crowned the best competitive Glover on earth.  The latest twist on light shows, an old rave tradition, Gloving is a dynamic new dance art form that first emerged in 2006 at an electronic music event.  Opening ceremony starts at 1:00pm.  After party starts at 10:00pm.  Spectator tickets are $10 to $15 (depending on time of purchase) and can be secured in advance at http://gloving.com/events/boss/details/id/23.  Competitor tickets start at $15.  Special VIP competitor packages are also available.  The competition is an all ages event.  IGC’s after party (included with all ticket purchases) is 18 and over.  The Yost Theater is located at 307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA 92701 (http://www.yosttheater.com/; 888-862-9573).  For more information, please see the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/594239570597420/ and the official IGC site at http://gloving.com.

    The first IGC was held in June 2011.  This year’s event is the third installment of the annual competition.  300 registered Glovers are expected to compete this year.  Top Glovers Gummy, Fry, Mimik, Arcade, Trippz and Munch will compete.  DJs Gummy, RawTek, GT, New Age, Aeros, Stupore, and Riley Nance will spin throughout the day.  Competing Gloving teams include AYO? (Are You Okay?), PM (Puppet Masters), LOL (Lords of Light), Team [e] (Team Emazing), ILL (Illuminati Lights), SS (Shape Shifters), PLL (Peace Love Lights), UFL (Unidentified Flying Lights), Ambience, and more.  With the theme Lights are the Main Event, this year’s festivities will also include a professional dance crew Gloving performance, the premiere of a short documentary on IGC, additional light show displays in a variety of forms, and a “Golden Glove” awards presentation recognizing outstanding contributors to the field of Gloving over the past year.  The IGC 2013 competition will be judged by certified IGC judges on execution, musicality, trick difficulty, cleanliness, and variety.  Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes will be awarded.  IGC 2013 event sponsors include EmazingLights, iHeartRaves, Sol Republic, Boombotix, AQUAhydrate, Monster Energy, and Less Than 3.  Long exposure photographer Harmonic Light will host a photo booth (think light trails!)

    “IGC is an annual celebration full of creativity and passion that brings light artists, their friends, and fans together as a family,” says EmazingLights-iHeartRaves Founder Brian Lim, “The competitive aspect of the event also serves to really push forward the art form – it’s exciting to see the new skills and innovative moves the competing Glovers bring each year!”

    IGC 2013: Lights are the Main Event Schedule

    • 11:00am – Competitor Check-In

    • Noon – Doors Open to the Public

    • 1:00pm – Opening Ceremonies:
    Professional dance crew Gloving performance
    – Welcome by IGC MCs
    – Remarks by Brian Lim
    – Rules
    – IGC short documentary premiere

    • 2:00pm – Tournament:
    5 rounds of Swiss Style competition
    – Light art spectacles, fire spinning, and LED hoopers between each round

    • 5:00pm – The IGC Golden Glove Awards recognizing prominent Glovers and their contributions to the community

    • 5:30pm – Playoffs

    • 7:30pm – Grand Finals

    • 8:00pm – IGC 2013 Awards Ceremony
    Closing set by Gummy (DJ team of Glovers Gummy and Pulse)

    • 10:00pm – IGC 2013 After Party:
    – Open Gloving
    – Admission included in all ticket prices
    – 18 and over

    IGC 2013 Trailer
    (Video courtesy of EmazingLights)
    View at http://youtu.be/qUVWgh66k_o

    Gloving –
    Dazzling Gloving displays are now regularly performed at events across the country to the energized beat of electronic dance music, primarily by hands and fingers in gloves with LED lights on the fingertips.  Back in the day, rave light shows typically featured a pair of frantically waved glow sticks.  Gloving has come a long way since those early days, growing into a legitimate art form.  In recent months, the underground phenomenon has received mainstream media attention as it was featured in performances on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew as well as on the Disney Channel’s Shake it Up.  EmazingLights also recently collaborated with Dutch DJ duo Bingo Players and model-actress Melanie Iglesias on a Gloving video, “The Greatest Lightshow on Earth.”  Top Gloving videos on YouTube receive millions of views.

    Naysayers claim that Gloving emphasizes illegal aspects of rave culture (drugs) and they wish it would go away.  The largest electronic music festival promoter in the US, Insomniac, which hosts Electric Daisy Carnival, banned Gloving altogether.  While many in the Gloving community acknowledge that the sport has its roots in those drug-enhanced light stick shows, they insist that Gloving has evolved well beyond those early days into a legitimate art form with true artistry, complex moves and difficult-to-master technique.  Through organized competitions, well-produced YouTube videos, and mass media attention, Gloving has evolved into a respectable art form.  Please join us at IGC 2013 and decide for yourself!

    Brian Lim, EmazingLights Founder/CEO
    (Photo credit www.gregoriophoto.com)

    Brian Lim, IGC, EmazingLights-iHeartRaves Founder/CEO –

    The Gloving scene’s most important promoter, a pioneering glover himself, Brian Lim started EmazingLights three years ago by selling Gloving sets and LEDs out of the trunk of his car.  He runs two EmazingLights-iHeartRaves retail stores in Southern California plus a new Milpitas store in Northern California.  He’s also in charge of the EmazingLights and IHeartRaves commerce sites.  Lim also organizes weekly, monthly and annual Gloving events including the International Gloving Championship.  Lim graduated from UCLA in 2009 with a BA in Economics.  He previously worked as a business technology consultant at Deloitte Consulting for two years, starting EmazingLights while working there.  Lim was born in Los Angeles and currently lives in West Covina, CA.

    EmazingLights-iHeartRaves –
    EmazingLights-iHeartRaves’ mission is to inspire individual creativity at music events and beyond.  EmazingLights is the international leader in premium lightshow products, selling glove sets, light sticks, poi, orbits, and apparel.  iHeartRaves is a one-stop shop for dance apparel including a variety of rave wear and accessories to encourage fashionable free expression at electronic music events.  The company’s team includes many well-known light show artists who practice the art form every day.  Only light show products that are sound and personally used by the team are featured in the company’s inventory.  EmazingLights is passionate about ushering in the future of Gloving, actively promoting this emerging underground art form by organizing Gloving competitions, workshops, and showcase events.  EmazingLights’ and iHeartRaves’ media-rich sites also feature educational, fashion, and event videos.  In addition to the EmazingLights and iHeartRaves commerce sites, the company operates three outlets in California (West Covina, Anaheim, and Milpitas).  EmazingLights-iHeartRaves also participates onsite at Ultra, IDentity, Lights All Night, and many other festival events. http://www.emazinglights.com and http://www.iheartraves.com.

    Brian Lim (center) with his Emazing Team.
    (Photo courtesy of EmazingLights)

    The Yost Theater –
    The Yost Theater is Orange County’s oldest historic venue located in Downtown Santa Ana.  Since 1912, the Yost has seen more than her fair share of history – from her days as a movie house during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, to famous actors meeting their fateful ends in the dressing rooms, to the makeshift prison cells in the basement.  Sometimes late at night when the doors are closed and all the crowds have gone home, you can still hear the reminders of a century’s sordid past.  The theater is an all ages concert and event venue with the newest technology, featuring club nights and special events.  http://www.yosttheater.com/

    International Gloving Championship (IGC) –

    The International Gloving Championship (IGC), held annually in Southern California, features the best Glovers in the world. The event starts with five rounds of Swiss Style Gloving play where all competitors participate in all rounds before single-elimination playoffs between the top 32 contestants.  Players are matched against other Glovers based on records/stats and skill.  Prizes are awarded to all contestants.  Throughout the event, live sets by international DJs are featured.  Hundreds of Glovers compete in Sthe annual all ages event. http://glovingchampionship.com/

    Links –
    IGC 2013 Tickets – http://gloving.com/events/boss/details/id/23
    IGC 2013 Facebook Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/594239570597420
    • IGC Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/glovingchampionship
    • Official IGC Site – http://gloving.com
    • Yost Theater – http://www.yosttheater.com
    • EmazingLights – http://www.emazinglights.com
    • iHeartRaves – http://www.iheartraves.com
    • EmazingLights-iHeartRaves/Gloving Backgrounder – https://www.greengalactic.com/clients/el-ihr-gloving-backgrounder
    • Expanded Brian Lim Bio – https://www.greengalactic.com/2013/brian-lim-bio

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    For more information, photos, or to schedule an interview, please contact Green Galactic’s Lynn Tejada at 213-840-1201 or lynn@greengalactic.com.



    IGC 2013: Lights are the Main Event

    “Tutting,” “morphing,” “conjuring,” and other smooth moves will abound as Glovers from near and far battle head to head to see if they have what it takes to be crowned the best competitive Glover on earth.

    Saturday, September 7, 2013

    •    Noon – Doors Open to the Public
    •    1:00pm – Opening Ceremonies
    •    2:00pm – Tournament
    •    5:30pm – Playoffs
    •    7:30pm – Grand Finals
    •    8:00pm – IGC 2013 Awards Ceremony
    •    10:00pm – IGC 2013 After Party

    Yost Theater
    307 N. Spurgeon St.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701

    Spectator tickets are $10 to $15 (depending on time of purchase).

    • 300 competitors and 500 spectators are expected.
    • The competition is an all ages event.
    • After party is 18 and over.

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