• For Immediate Release:

    Award-Winning Film
    Motivational Growth
    A Surreal Horror-Dark Comedy
    Written & Directed By Don Thacker
    To Be Released By A Team of Canadian/U.S. Distributors 
    Devolver Digital Films, Indiecan Entertainment & Parade Deck Films

    • Digital VOD Release (Worldwide): September 30, 2014
    • Blu-ray & DVD (Canada): September 30, 2014
    • Blu-ray & DVD (U.S.): October 7, 2014
    • Cable VOD Release (U.S.): November 11, 2014

    The Mold knows, Jack. The Mold knows.

    LOS ANGELES, CA – September 10, 2014 – Devolver Digital Films is proud to announce the digital VOD release of the surreal horror-dark comedy, Motivational Growth, on September 30, 2014. Directed and written by Don Thacker, the psycho-horror-fantasy feature film follows a man who is slowly driven insane by the talking mold in his bathroom, voiced by the legendary cult star Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, Star Trek). The film screened at over 30 festivals and racked up an impressive 27 awards. September 30th will see the worldwide digital VOD release (via Devolver in most countries and Indiecan Entertainment in Canada). The Canadian Blu-ray and DVD release will also be on September 30th via Indiecan. The U.S. DVD release will happen the following week, on October 7, 2014 (via Parade Deck Films). For additional information, please visit http://motivationalgrowth.com

    Motivational Growth (Horror-Dark Comedy, 2013, 104 min.) – 
    In Motivational Growth, Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni), a depressed and reclusive man in his 30s, finds himself taking advice from a growth in his bathroom after a failed suicide attempt. The Mold (ReAnimator star Jeffrey Combs), a smooth talking fungus born of the filth in a neglected bathroom, works to help Ian clean himself up and remodel his lifestyle. The Mold has big plans for Ian, but they may not be as innocent as they seem. A labyrinthine narrative follows, full of colorfully drawn characters and gruesome body horror.

    Motivational-GrowthMotivational Growth

    Motivational Growth draws the viewer into the surreal inner world of Ian’s tiny apartment through a filmic collage of puppetry, animation, and cinematography. The 8-bit videogame-inspired chiptune soundtrack, which perfectly complements the film’s inventive art direction, was composed by Alex Mauer and performed entirely on NES and Commodore 64 game systems. The Motivational Growth Original Soundtrack came out on August 20, 2014 (visit link on iTunes).

    Motivational Growth 
    was featured in over 30 festival screenings in 2013, including both horror as well as non-horror festivals, and garnered an impressive 27 awards for Screenplay, Director, Actor, Creature/Make Up, and Special Effects. The DVD release will include a commentary track (with Combs, DiGiovanni, and Thacker), a photo gallery, and trailers. The Blu-ray edition will also include additional behind the scenes material.

    Don Thacker, Director & Writer –
    Don Thacker is an award-winning director and writer, known for Motivational Growth (2013), Weapon (2011), and The Catastrophe at Catalina (2012). He is the co-founder and director of Imagos Films, a Seattle-based independent film production company dedicated to creative storytelling in a collaborative environment. Imagos’ mission is to tell stories you’ve never heard before. Thacker has also worked as a game designer and programmer, in addition to other technology-based jobs. He has worked for Pixeljam, The Ignition Network, and Infra-Strategy.

    Indiecan Entertainment – 
    Indiecan Entertainment focuses on independent, low-budget films. As a distributor, Avi Federgreen follows the same principle that earned him his reputation as a filmmaker; bringing Canadians films they want to watch. Aside from the traditional distribution route, Indiecan leans heavily on digital delivery. Indiecan helps films find more opportunities with audiences through TV, Netflix, iTunes, websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Indiecan’s vision is to not only support Canadian production but to encourage the viewing of quality independent films by Canadian audiences.

    Parade Deck Films –
    Based in Portland, Oregon, Parade Deck Films distributes independent films through digital distribution, physical distribution (DVDs & BD), and film promotion. Parade Deck is a U.S. armed forces veteran-owned company that focuses on films that think outside the box and bring you the very best that independent film has to offer. In partnering with film producer and consultant, Christian Burgess, co-founder Michael Ingram has found a platform in which quality films can find reputable and reliable distribution. Hence, Parade Deck Films was born. The company works thoroughly with filmmakers and producers to release films with the vision intended from conception to release. With every purchase of Parade Deck films, the company donates a portion of proceeds to veteran’s charities and those helping to educate inner city youth and the homeless to express themselves in the art of film.

    Devolver Digital –
    Based in Austin, Texas, Devolver Digital distributes independent video games and guides indie filmmakers through digital distribution and film promotion. Devolver Digital’s outspoken passion for independent games, developers, and fans has earned the company no minor measure of game industry notoriety. With its expansion into film, which was announced at South by Southwest 2013, the company applies that same fiercely creative devotion and digital content expertise to support and celebrate indie filmmakers and projects. Co-Founder and Partner Mike Wilson says his own experience as a filmmaker seeking distribution led him and his partners to expand Devolver Digital into film. That experience has guided the company’s focus on “hand-crafted” strategic partnership and personal attention in distributing the titles on the label to a full range of digital and cable VOD platforms.

    Links –
    • Official Site – http://motivationalgrowth.com
    • Film’s Devolver Page – http://www.devolverdigital.com/films/view/motivational-growth
    • Trailer – https://vimeo.com/105797557
    • IMDb – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1754228
    • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MotivationalGrowth
    • Twitter – https://twitter.com/MotGrowth

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    For more information, photos, a screener, or to schedule an interview, please contact Green Galactic’s Lynn Tejada at 213-840-1201, lynn@greengalactic.com.

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    “A delicious and delirious cinematic treat.”

    – Andrew Mack, Twitch Film

    Motivational Growth is an exhilarating and imaginative film that careens from one weird moment to the next, held together by excellent imagery and an engaging performance by Adrian DiGiovanni as Ian.”

    – Neurotic Monkey, Tiny Mix Tapes

    “A stylistically brilliant film.”

    – Mark Bell, FilmThreat

    “One of the most interesting and entertaining pieces of cinema released in some time.”

    – Justin Proper, Under the Gun Review

    “Best Genre Films of 2013”

    – Heather Seebach, Viewer Discretion Advised

    Motivational Growth delivers intellectual stimulation paired with gross-out humor…. every single character is a well-developed freak…. every actor handles the out-of-the-ordinary script with a lot of talent…. the writing has a very unique cadence to it, and the cast tackles it impressively.”

    – Madeleine Koestner, Diabolique Magazine

    “Everything about Motivational Growth is quirky, different, bizarre, original, and creative. These minute details help build an endearing quality that turns Don Thacker’s film into a hidden independent gem.”

    – Matt Donato, We Got This Covered

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