• Create:Fixate Presents
    Featuring Interactive Light and Sound Art Gallery
    At Lot 613 in Downtown Los Angeles
    Saturday, November 17, 2012

    LOS ANGELES, CA – October 24, 2012 – Arts organization Create:Fixate (C:F) presents Magnetic on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at Lot 613 in Downtown Los Angeles.  Beyond C:F’s signature blend of vibrant artwork and music produced by local talent, this exhibit will feature a gallery filled with illuminated and interactive art installations from kinetic art, interactive video, and light sculptures, to video mapping.  The excitement begins at 4:00pm with a three-hour gallery preview.  The main event starts at 7:00pm and closes at 2:00am.  Admission is $15.00 before 9:00pm and $20.00 for the remainder of the night.  Lot 613 is located at 613 Imperial St., Los Angeles, CA 90021. For more information, including an image gallery of participating artists works, please visit www.createfixate.com.  C:F can be reached by phone at 310-590-7199 for other inquiries.

    The evening begins with a preview of the exhibit from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.  There is a $5 suggested donation during this period but kids twelve-years old and younger are allowed free entry.  Parents are encouraged to bring the whole family during the preview hours and take advantage of the Kids Kreativity Zone.  Overflowing with art supplies, the Zone provides a supervised space where youth can dive into their own expression while parents explore the exhibit.  While all ages are welcome during the preview, attendees must be 21-years old or older to enter after 7:00pm.

    Magnetic will present an array of images exploring the science and art of connection.  Create:Fixate Founder Michelle Berc further explains, “The title for this particular Create:Fixate event has to do with the abstract approach of how – at every moment – in our lives we magnetically pull in all potential and connect with our own given path. We are magnets, drawn to what we love and what we share an affinity with.  We attract what we are, what we cultivate.  Imagine the possibilities of what we can do and who we can be.”

    As part of Create:Fixate’s community outreach efforts the organization continues to empower youth through arts with its Young Creatives Art Program.  C:F has been working with A Place Called Home (APCH) throughout 2012.  There are two sessions running through the month of November as Create:Fixate is working with APCH’s art students on a themed art project to be exhibited at the Magnetic show.  Simultaneously, C:F is also working with a select group of students from its music department with a spoken word and poetry assignment to be performed at the show as well.

    APCH is a safe haven in South Los Angeles where underserved youth are empowered to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives through programs in education, arts, and well being; and are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their community and the world.  http://www.apch.org

    Magnetic will feature a strong field of over 40 visual artists in the “Optical Lounge” – presenting a stunning array of painting, photography, multi-media, interactive installation, and performance art that will ignite hearts and minds.  The event features an emphasis on interactive light and sound installations.

    Optical Lounge highlights include:
    •    Craig Cartwright – surreal landscapes that merge fashion, nature and technology
    •    Jena Priebe – assemblages that use found objects to explore the magic in simple things
    •    Loic e338 Zimmermann – digital and mixed media paintings that depict moody urban scenes
    •    Thomas Williams – 3D site-specific projection mapping environments
    •    Joshua Kirsch – industrial structures that combine LEDs and other simple, but elegant, circuitry
    •    Leif Maginnis – interactive kinetic light art installation

    The Audio Lab, otherwise known as the music portion of the evening, completes Create:Fixate’s vision.  Highlights include:
    •    Luminaries – their live shows are reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop, fused with a soulful electro and funk
    •    Jeremy Sole – plays an eclectic mix of Afrobeat, funk, reggae, Latin and Brazilian as heard weekly on 89.9FM KCRW and at Afro Funké
    •    Audiomoe – crowds in Los Angeles and Las Vegas can catch him at Marquee, TAO, Drai’s Hollywood, and Bar Marmont
    •    PART 2 – an electronic music performance and recording duo who combine drum machines and sequencers in a live performance setting, draw on influences from a broad spectrum of techno, house, breaks, and old school electro

    Create:Fixate is an arts organization that has now completed a decade of serving the emerging art and music community of Los Angeles.  The organization is best know for its signature blend of art and music, along with thousands of art lovers and party goers in massive – and at times intimate – warehouse locations and alternative spaces on a quarterly basis.  Founder Michelle Berc curates, produces and hosts these ambitious group art shows that present creative beings from around the globe with an emphasis on the local talent of Los Angeles.  The production team also includes Music Coordinator Andrea Giardina, and a core team of volunteers and dedicated advisory board members.  Awe-inspiring painters, photographers, sculptors, and multi-media artists exhibit alongside an equally impressive array of Los Angeles’ finest DJs and musicians.  Each event’s aural artists are poised to create a soundtrack for the night that transforms this from a simple art show into one of the city’s most anticipated art events.

    Optical Lounge                 

    Anthony Jegu
    Anthony Jegu: A sculptor, painter, draftsman, video director, and graffiti artist – blends multiple methods, styles, and resources to build what he calls “reverse archaeology.” With carefully constructed labyrinths, Jegu allows us to explore the topsy-turvy world of his own creation within its “ancient” sculpture and codices. Sculpted and molded from resin, mixed with pigment and replicated to create larger stories, each piece is unique and represents more than 10 years of study and conception. Jegu’s work can be found in London at the Nguyen Tan Chuong gallery, in Paris at Espace Commines, in multiple galleries in Beverly Hills, and Culver City.

    Betsy Enzensberger
    Betsy Enzensberger was born into generations of artists and has been creatively expressing herself from a very young age. Extensive travel and living abroad have also influenced her as she immerses herself in new places and begins to view the world in alternative ways.

    Using primarily acrylics as a medium, Enzensberger’s paintings are a collection of dynamic abstracts that play with luminescence and movement to invoke reactions. Compared to the color layered depth in her paintings, Enzensberger’s resins show more texture and vibrancy.  Inspired by the warm tones of the earth and the sensations of cultural discovery, her works are a continual experimentation in texture, light, layering and reflection. Whether in form, composition or color, these primal details continue to take shape in her pieces. Enzensberger’s paintings and resins can be seen in collectors’ and celebrity homes all over the US and in Europe.

    Bruce Taylor
    Bruce Taylor is a local Pasadena artist and his medium is acrylic on canvas. His style is graphic realism, with a touch of surrealism. His latest series of paintings are large graphic realistic seascapes titled “Night-waves”, one of which recently sold at auction for the Life Rolls On Foundation. His work has been shown in numerous southern California galleries.

    Connie Yim
    Connie Yim’s drawings are spontaneously, intuitively, rapidly, energetically, freely, and emotionally drawn with black ink pen over a colored ink wash.  She relies on chance and accidents such as random marks, ink washes and ink drips as means of surfacing symbolic images from her unconscious.

    Yim was born in Seoul, Korea as the youngest of five daughters and immigrated to America at age 11.  Connie received a bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Long Beach California in 1995, and received her teaching credentials in 1996, and then finished her Masters in Fine Art at Azusa Pacific University in 2011.  She has been teaching art to high school students for sixteen years and currently is an art teacher at Alhambra High School.

    Craig Cartwright
    After receiving his BFA degree in Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1991, Craig Cartwright’s artistic pursuits led him to New York City where he began applying his illustration background into his Fine Art oil paintings.  He quickly established himself in New York’s underground art scene throughout the 90′s.  His commercial illustration work eventually brought him to Los Angeles in 2005. As a storyboard artist for commercials and movie trailers, he has worked for Pixar, Disney, and Warner Brothers. He is currently working on a new series of paintings incorporating humanlike forms into surreal landscapes with underlying environmental themes. Merging fashion, nature, and technology.

    Devan Perez
    Devan Perez is a conceptual, fine art photographer with a passion for creating. Born and raised in Southern California, Perez grew up involved in all mediums of art. She quickly found her desire to create imagery through photography. Her work is heavily influence by light dreams and dark fantasies. She is experienced in digital as well as film photography and uses both in her work.  Perez now resides in Orange County, California and continues to grow as an artist.

    Hunter Nesbit
    Echo Park based painter Hunter Nesbitt was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he spent his childhood playing alone in the woods and drawing countless pirate ship battles and comic books. After attending college in Missouri, where he studied assemblage and figurative oil painting, Nesbitt relocated to Los Angeles in search of a fresh start and new inspiration. He developed a fascination and dedication for stenciling, a natural progression from his love for drawing and printmaking, and began gleaning the streets for found wood and other surfaces on which to create his distinctive brand of portraiture.

    Jena Priebe
    Jena Priebe likes to make art. She is a conceptual sculptor and installation artist who works in her studio in downtown LA, using a myriad of media. She assembles using paper, glass, antiquated found objects, metals, and the guts of machines. Some things are haggled over, bartered for, unearthed in a forgotten family attic or pulled from the depths of tangled industrial salvage yards. She up-cycles these objects and repurposes them for new life in art.

    Jordan Rosenheck
    LA-based artist Jordan Rosenheck continues to explore different combinations of mediums and materials. The content of his work often portrays unusual yet playful interpretations of words, objects, and scenes. Additionally, his work aims to focus on the balance of objects and/or nature in a setting or space, in doing so displaying noticeable symmetry with each piece.  Rosenheck’s work has been featured in several exhibits throughout the West Coast. He was the 2012 winner of the renowned Coachella Trashed Art Contest, and has exhibited at events with major music artists.

    Loic e338 Zimmermann
    Loic e338 Zimmermann is a French visual artist based in Los Angeles. Although he’s mostly busy working as a concept artist on movies such as Thor, XmenFC, True Grit, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Zimmermann is developing his own body of work and has been part of numerous group shows and publications over the past decade. His first graphic Novel, “the Black Rooster”, is about to be published in France. Zimmermann’s paintings are digital or mixed media, depicting moody urban scenes and more than often involving cult vintage vehicles as the center of focus.

    Michael Divine
    Michael Divine is at the forefront of today’s Visionary Art movement, exploring fundamental human archetypal experiences and a vibrant personal mysticism through his breathtaking and well-crafted imagery. From Wassily Kandinsky’s intuitive balance of line and color to the bold movement of Umberto Boccioni to the psychologically informed landscapes of Salvador Dali, Michael’s work follows in a long tradition of artists who base their work on their interpretive visions. While he spent much of his early career traveling and honing his craft, today he divides his time between intensive studio work and giving presentations, live painting performances, and participating in art shows throughout the nation. He lives in Southern California with his wife Violet.

    Michelle Robinson
    Los Angeles based artist Michelle Robinson is obsessed with color, patterns and the female form. Natural or unfamiliar, loud or subtle, she creates whimsical interpretations of emotions suppressed and released by using the movement of the female figure as her wholly intriguing and revealing device. Robinson describes her pieces as beautifully cluttered and untamed, but there is also a calm and sensual fluidity that is carried out. Her art leaves the viewer trapped in a light air of mystery and playful enchantment.

    Robert A.D. Frick
    Robert A.D. Frick is known for creating artwork that is totally non-representative at inception and remains so upon completion. Frick prefers to allow the viewer to derive representative imagery from abstractions. As a result, Robert finds most challenging aspect of creating digital art as knowing when to quit. With digital imagery you are able to evolve pieces as long as your imagination will allow, therefore, one of the more difficult aspects is picking a point when which to call a work finished.

    As of late, Frick has diverted his attention to a simplified style focused more on color and form in order to allow for various output options such as fabric and textiles. He is also a digital artist, by trade, for Digital Domain, in Venice, CA, where he also lives. Apart from Create:Fixate, he has also exhibited at Siggraph Art Gallery, LACDA and Cannibal Flower.

    Roger Webb
    Roger Webb is an award winning animator, color stylist, and fine artist. Acclaimed studios such as Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., and Disney have all commissioned Webb for his brilliant color designs. He has worked on the hit shows Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Star Wars animated series Clone Wars, and just recently Black Dynamite for Adult Swim.

    Webb’s fine art is heavily influenced from his animation background as well as growing up on the coast of Southern California. His long aquatic paintings flow with color and line making viscerally kinetic compositions. Gaining attention, Webb has been exhibiting works in coastal California and will soon be exhibiting at coastal cities and locales internationally.

    Live Painting:

    Benedigital aka Ben Encarnacion transcended the streets of South Central Los Angeles to become a successful artist, graphic designer and interactive art director for the past 14 years.

    Channeling his personal experiences thru graffiti, figurative painting, computer graphics, and mixed media, his pieces began to address issues of self realization and healing, spiritual empowerment, social injustice, and the affirmation of his rich heritage in today’s society.

    The evolution of his art is a fusion of the underground electronic music scene and his personal visionary quest. Embracing this energy, Benedigital has become a fixture in the growing live painting community in Los Angeles.

    Interactive Light & Sound Artists:

    Ben Guerrette
    Ben Guerrette is a creative developer and animator using programming as his medium. He mashes numbers and code together to produce digital art through play and experimentation.

    His previous projects include Deco Sketch: a generative drawing application for iOS and Android devices, STRING DNA: a web application that creates art from words, Fight Club Remix: a live audio/visual DJ and VJ mix performed with Bryan Halcott (DJ Merj), as well as numerous live projection installations for multiple festivals, nightclubs and art shows. His current focus is on generative art presented in animated, interactive, and still forms.

    Hugo Bordes
    Hugo Bordes is a French event and studio photographer from Paris who has been living in Los Angeles for 10 years. “Nightlights” was made out of passion for time-lapse photography that captures the beauty and pulsing energy of Downtown LA. Bordes is currently venturing into the film industry.

    Jerico Woggon
    Born and raised in the coastal community of Summerland, California, Jerico Woggon is a dynamically fresh visual artist. From multimedia, installation, and mixed media, to assemblage art, the term  ‘visionary renaissance man’ tells the story.  His site-specific black light environments have been installed at Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Club Giant, Burning Man, Baltimore Virgin Music Festival, Autumn Lights LA, and many others.

    Jerico Woggon’s work has been heavily influenced by his family’s artistic legacy. Woggon’s great uncle, Elmer Woggon, created Skylark, the first aviation-themed comic strip circa 1920’s, while his grandfather, Bill Woggon, created 1945’s “Katy Keene,” America’s Pin-up Queen for the Archie comic book series. Traces of his family’s comic book stylings are reflected in the bold lines and graphic use of colors that characterize Woggon’s work.

    Joshua Kirsch
    A recent transplant from New York City, Joshua Kirsch is an LA-based kinetic sculptor whose work hinges on aesthetics and interactivity. Working with raw materials including aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, brass, hardwood and others, Kirsch fabricates unique and intricate structures that, coupled with LEDs and other simple but elegant circuitry, invite viewers to touch, move, and experience the work up close—breathing life into the sculpture through physical manipulation. What evolves as a result is an art/viewer partnership in which anyone can take part in the act of creation, be it of light, form, movement, or sound. And while Kirsch’s art often revolves around electronics, it tends to embody a sort of timeless quality—likening itself more to a finely crafted mechanical watch than the latest new gadget.

    Leif Maginnis
    Leif Maginnis makes interactive kinetic light art. He was formally schooled as a painter and later as an industrial designer. Maginnis worked for years in the television and film industry working with electromechanical props and lighting effects. Only recently has he merged this experience with his fine art and industrial design training. “To me, observing the spectator’s process of discovery can be quite rewarding as a seemingly limitless number of hypnotic and mandala-like patterns are produced by user’s interaction” Captivated by the visual illusion, spectators find themselves stimulated and lost in time when interacting with his installations.

    Mads Rune Christensen
    Mads Christensen grew up in Denmark but is now based in Los Angeles, California.  A software architect by day, an artist by night, Christensen combines his learned skills with a desire to explore how patterns of light affect us emotionally. He uses custom circuitry, programming and lots of bright LEDs to create his art.

    Matt Elson
    Matt Elson is an artist currently exploring the concepts of consciousness, perception and beauty.  The Infinity Boxes are an investigation of cognitive dissonance and social interaction.  Early in his career he helped pioneer the field of computer graphics at Symbolics Inc., which evolved out of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.  He was DreamWorks Animation’s artistic liaison when the studio started and was integral in helping Walt Disney Feature Animation make the switch from hand drawn animation to computer graphics.  Elson was trained as a painter at Pratt Institute, received his Masters Degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology and is a graduate of the UCLA Anderson Executive Program.

    Michael French
    Michael French is a Los Angeles native who currently lives and works in the Arts District. In the mid 90s, when art and design was starting to find a place on the web, French began a series of internet-based interactive experiments that would position him in a gray area between artist/aggravator and designer/technologist, and set the tone for much of his later work. He has been exploring practical and theoretical applications at the intersection of art and technology in various media ever since. French’s current work with augmented reality applications and sensor-based interactive video installations draws upon both his professional background as an interface and game designer, and his personal interest in cross-media social art experiments. His latest installation, entitled Secretly Titled (with occult intentions and selfish algorithms), allows the audience to interact with a series of controls that produce programmatic changes in an evolving video projection. These interactions help to sculpt an algorithmically animated, monochromatic network of graphic ephemera, typographic flocks and streams, concomitant audio elements, and sundry undisclosed goings-on.

    Mike Russek
    Mike Russek graduated with an MFA from Maryland Institute of Art in 2001, with a focus in sculpture. He started his own company, 1028 Designs, in 2005. 1028 Designs is a custom design and fabrication facility utilizing laser tooling to create furniture, interiors and various products and solutions. His recent creations are a combination of interactive video mapping and ambient sculpture. Russek is also the co-owner and curator of d i a l e c t satellite gallery, a cutting edge mobile gallery which travels to special events and festivals around the country, showcasing works from established and emerging local and global talents.

    Rachel Koukal
    Rachel Koukal is an artist, designer, and dedicated DIY advocate currently residing in Culver City, California. Vacillating between mediums – from cord waning to freak-musical-instrument making – out of a love for skill-building and learning, it is the artist’s desire to continually explore all possible outlets for creative self-expression. She runs ongoing skill sharing workshops at Crash Space in Culver City and recently joined and helped pioneer Community Supported Artists | Los Angeles. Her latest projects can be seen at r-bot.net

    Shana Koenig
    Shana Koenig is a traditionally trained artist with a Fine Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude, from  the University of California at Santa Barbara. After several years of working in the movie and video game industries, she moved to Mumbai, India to help start an animation studio. When Koenig returned to Los Angeles, she discovered her passion to translate her strong eye and  extensive experience with 3D, dramatic lighting and materials from computers  to the real world. Koenig’s Solar Sculptures are living light sculptures made from fiber optics, LED, glass and crystals. There are 3 types of Solar Sculptures, the original outdoor solar powered pieces and  the newest indoor pieces. The smaller indoor pieces are controlled by a remote and can be set to any color or several color changing modes including transitions to the beat of music playing in the room. The larger pieces have the capability of up to 64 custom light shows that Koenig programs on her computer. Best described as illuminated chandelier art sculptures that capture the eye with their vibrant colors and abstract organic designs.

    Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams is a multi faceted artist with interests ranging from painting and sculpture to 3D animation, visual effects and interactive real-time graphics. He studied fine art and philosophy at Cornell, creating abstract, organic paintings, sculpture, and experimental film. He then moved to San Francisco during the 90s, where he immersed himself in visual effects, real-time 3D and performance visuals, creating light shows for acts including Crystal Method, Eminem, Bon Jovi, and Ornette Coleman. During that time he worked on many hybrid technology projects, including a Microsoft sponsored VRML project that presented at Siggraph 1997, and a real-time 3D search engine for excite created while working at Razorfish. He later built a motion graphics company in San Francisco, called REVfx. After moving to Los Angeles, he worked for several years doing visual effects for television and movies. He enjoys making hybrid art, sculptural paintings, painted sculptures, technology-enhanced art, including several interactive video art installations at Burning Man festival. His new passion, projection mapping sculptures, brings all of these skills together. Visual music is one of his greatest loves, and he has made several abstract music videos, which bring music into the visual and special dimension. He has recently shown work at Young Projects in the Pacific Design Center.

    Fashion / Jewelry Designers:

    Los Angeles based artist Avesha Michael is a designer, ceramicist and commercial and fine art photographer.  Avesha started working with clay at age seven growing up in Chicago and currently teaches ceramics at Bitter Root Pottery in West Hollywood.  Her designs are inspired by her love for nature and all things vintage.  They exude a free-flowing and classic elegance, while remaining grounded in the sustainable and organic nature of the medium itself.  Great time and care goes into each design, lending each handmade piece to be a one-of-a-kind artwork.  Her work can be found online and in boutiques and galleries.

    Delevo Designs
    After graduating from Columbia College, Deborah Vogt became a founding member of The Conjugate Projekt, Transamoeba Studios and The Chicago Art Department, participating in the creation of many collectives, multitudes of events and performance art installations throughout Chicago. She began creating her line of jewelry, Delevo designs, in the year 2000, even traveling to Bali to Teacppowntown. She now divides her time between curating and singing in her band, Early Bird Circus. Her jewelry is handcrafted, elegant and simple, using fine woods, sterling silver and gold, precious and semi-precious stones and recycled materials to create universal and distinctive designs.

    Jennifer Blair
    Jennifer Blair is the owner and designer for pluma. Her designs are inspired by her love of nature and Eco-design. With her use of recycled matter from feathers to vintage brooches, Blair’s designs bring out the roaring 20’s mixed with a native feel creating fierce feminine high quality accessories.

    For Los Angeles fashion designer Misty Rose, Mena is the culmination of a childhood dream.  Combining her appreciation of vintage fashion with modern urban elements, Misty strives to construct a line of bold and timeless statement pieces. Mena is playful and sexy, urban and vintage, timeless and of the moment. Each garment is lovingly hand crafted by the designer herself, from design to pattern making to construction.

    Late Sunday Afternoon
    Where were you late Sunday afternoon… People watching at your favorite cafe over a hot cup of mint tea? Cuddled up to your favorite person watching the tide come in? Coming back from a weekend away from the rush of the routine? Late Sunday Afternoon was created as a way to inspire that perfect time in the week when cares are minimal, love is flowing and time is eternal. For founder, Matthew Schildkret,  Late Sunday’s have been in his blood for generations. His grandparents were garment industry workers and his mother was a clothing buyer. Having lived in 16 places in 10 years, Schildkret has become an expert traveller. From India to Amsterdam, he has witnessed people using clothing old and new to protect and warm their necks, their babies, their bodies. Schildkret has always been inspired by how people, from all different walks and ways, wrap themselves in their history, their culture and their time. He has been inspired by how deeply clothing and culture are interwoven and how a pattern or texture can tell an entire story of a family’s heritage.

    His story continues in Venice, California where the surf, the sun, the easy lifestyle and Schildkret’s own spiritual evolution inspires him to create multi-purpose garments that speak from the heart of a journeyer. And, he wants to help you invite everyday, every moment to be a Late Sunday Afternoon. Come wrap yourself in that kind of peace.

    Tique Tile
    What is most precious in our modern world and lives is time. The concept for our hand-made clocks began coincidentally with the quotes, coming up with ideas of incorporating them with something visual and functional.

    Tique Tile wants to bring a positive, uplifting message that the viewer can connect with. A reminder of what we are here for, those little things we take for granted. This is also why we hand make our clocks, as an added reminder of a time when all was hand-made and the time dedicated and uniqueness of craftsmanship.

    Mexico born, Los Angeles-based painter Luis Sanchez is a beguiling and animated interpreter of the figurative mode who incorporates techniques of the past such as dry pigments and a fresco-like media to his canvases. He works in figurative and abstract paintings, and sculpture, colliding humanity with decaying walls of the urban world in a juxtaposition of color, texture and dimension.

    Born in Guinea and raised in Senegal West Africa, and currently residing in Los Angeles,  Aly Kourouma a.k.a. D.J. Ndebele is an artist and a fashion designer. His work focuses on the dialog between the esthetic of the so-called “primitive world” and its modern urban counterpart, and the possible emergence of a more universal truth.

    Borders are a powerful illusion especially in modern Africa, where people commonly grow writing multiple alphabets and speaking numerous languages, all the while being exposed to foreign cultures. But DJ Ndebele believes that what could be seen as ground for confusion can turn into richness and complexity, and ultimately, into a tool for cultural reconciliation through the lens of art.

    Audio Lab                  

    Luminaries (Lu Fam Pro)
    Formed in the heart of Venice Beach, California, and immersed in one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA, arises the heart-driven, and service orientated Hip Hop emissaries of peace, the Luminaries. From the underground parties in “Dogtown” to the biggest festival stages on the West Coast, the Luminaries have now taken their message international and crowds everywhere sing along the anthem, “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside!” Luminaries bring an amazing live show that’s reminiscent of the golden era of Hip Hop, fused with a soulful, electro, live, funk filled experience!

    Jeremy Sole’s Musaics (KCRW, Afro-Funke, theLIFT)
    As a Chicago-born DJ/producer/designer/guitarist/human, Sole has been making beats since the MPC 60 was born, deejaying since rotary crossfaders were the standard, and playing clubs since he was too young to (legally) get in. Since then, Sole’s obsession has grown to include music from around the world. As Co-Founder and resident deejay of Afro Funke, J.Sole and his partners Rocky Dawuni and Cary Sullivan produce an event that brings a diverse mix of music lovers together each week at the Zanzibar in Santa Monica, blending Afrobeat, Funk, Reggae, Latin and Brazilian. Sole has had the honor of sharing the stage and/or the studio with hundreds of his deepest inspirations, including Roy Ayers, Ben Harper, DJ Krush, Lauryn Hill, War, The Meters, Chaka Khan, The Greyboy Allstars, Antibalas, Ray Charles, Jerry Garcia Band and many more. In April 2006, Sole spent a few months making music for Lauryn Hill. The first thing she told him after hearing him DJ was “Have you ever thought about getting into radio? Because THIS is the music that the people need to hear”. Exactly one year later, Anne Litt from KCRW called, asking him that exact same question, and now you can catch J.Sole on 89.9 KCRW every Wednesday from midnight to 3:00am.

    AudioMoe (Audiomoe.com)
    Whether it’s producing original music and remixes or behind the decks of a packed nightclub, Audiomoe combines his passion for music and expression to create something truly unique and innovative. As an eclectic and soulful tastemaker, Audiomoe plays weekly at some of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles & Las Vegas including Marquee, TAO, Drai’s Hollywood, & Bar Marmont.  Also hugely sought after for high-end special events, he has played an integral part of private events for clients such as Rock & Republic, Armani, Sean John, Pepsi, Versace, Mercedes Benz, MTV, ICM Interscope/GeffenRecords, W Hotels, and Macy’s to name a few.

    PART2 (blaq records)
    Part 2 is an electronic music performance and recording duo comprised of long time Los Angeles based Designforms label boss Jonra Babiracki and electronic music artist Eric Cowden aka e:machinery. The concept of Part 2 is to mix hardware sequencers and analog synthesizers with digital software technologies. Combining drum machines and sequencers in a live performance setting, Part 2 create energetic, danceable rhythms that span many styles of electronic dance music. Drawing on influences from a broad spectrum of techno, house, breaks, and old school electro, the styles are mixed to create a unique improvised live experience.  www.designforms.com // 

    Jonra Babiracki (nudephoto, scenic,designforms/LA)
    Jonra Babiracki is the founding member of Designforms
Research. Also producing music under such alias’s as STAPLE, 1/2 of
the STORYTELLERS, and STAPLE AN PHASE, FUCKO and UNCLE SHIN. In 2004 released the labels first EP on vinyl only “Who is Jonra.” Being a LA
native and a key part to the techno evolution in LA he continues to
push limits in production and performance. Soon to be unleashing a
live performance along side his abstract DJ sets.  www.designforms.com // http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/jonra // http://dj.beatport.com/artist-jonra-58838

    Matthew DeMerritt & Friends
    Based in Los Angeles since 1997, Matthew DeMerrit has toured with Macy Gray, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Rakim, Ghostface Killah, Pharoahe Monch, Breakestra and many more. He has recorded with George Clinton, Eels, Nine Inch Nails, Charlotte Gainsbourg w/ Beck, Everlast, Macy Gray, and many others. In addition to those he has toured with, he has performed with Santana, Mos Def, Common, Black Eyed Peas, , Benny Golson, Sharon Jones, Big Daddy Kane, Nikka Costa, Katy Perry, and many others. He has also contributed to numerous film and commercial projects. In addition to tenor, bari, and alto saxophones, he plays flute, keyboards, percussion, and melodica.  www.mattdemerritt.com

    Lushbunny (Disorient – Nutz)
    Lushbunny has established his eclectic love for music by proving that he doesn’t fit any quintessential stereotype. Fueled by his sharp instincts and technical dedication, Lushbunny has not only charmed the Burning Man community, but has set himself in the watch-list of some of the major festivals in the US. During the past year, Lushbunny has been curating a fresh recipe of beats that focuses on simpler, yet provocative bass lines, balanced with soulful vocals and smooth textures. The results has been nothing but inspiring.  www.thelushbunny.com

    DJ GOZAR (Tropi-CALI / Subsuelo)
    Truly falling in love with the art form as a radio DJ, L.A. native GOZAR, a.k.a. Josh Weiss, has been mixing records for listeners and dancers for a decade. His sets are now based heavily in Afro-Caribbean sounds and Global House, full of funky indigenous tropical beats from Colombia, Nigeria, Peru, Los Angeles and beyond. After living in Guatemala in 07-08 throwing parties and working on a documentary, he returned to the City of Angels to produce events including Tropi-CALI & Subsuelo. He also run a creative technology company, take photos and enjoy the Cali sunshine.  facebook.com/djgozarla // soundcloud.com/djgozarla

    Universal Harp
    Universal Harp (The Beat box harpist)
 Phillip King grew up in the ghetto of Milwaukee WI. He was a hip hop artist and spent 15 years producing and staring in a trilogy of hip hop kung fu movies under the name of Professor PITT. (Dirty Lenz films). While doing a hip hop album called “The Organic Equation” with a harpist named Eah Herran, he sat down at her harp and could miraculously play!
  He believes that when played right, the harp is a demon killer and will sooth the minds and spirits as well as bodies of those who are in the presence of its vibration.  www.universalharp.com

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    For more information, photos or to schedule an interview, please contact Green Galactic’s Lynn Tejada at 213-840-1201 or lynn@greengalactic.com.

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