Green Galactic to Offer
    Marketing, Promotion & PR Basics for 
Emerging Cultural Creatives
    A Trade School LA Barter-Based Class
    For Visual & Performing Artists
    At Gal Palace in Los Angeles
    On Saturday, September 27, 2014

    LOS ANGELES, CA – August 8, 2014 – Los Angeles-based arts and culture promoter Green Galactic is proud to offer its first-ever class, Marketing, Promotion & PR Basics for Emerging Cultural Creatives, through Trade School LA on Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Green Galactic instructors, Founder Lynn Tejada and Marketing Consultant Charlene Boehne, will guide participants through an introduction to marketing and promotion, with a particular focus on public relations and online marketing. The four-hour class has been developed with the needs of emerging visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, playwrights, chefs, choreographers, community space/event organizers, and other creative folks in mind. For complete details and registration, please visit tradeschool.coop/losangeles/class/marketing-promotion-pr-basics-for-emerging-cultural-creatives.

    Trade School LA is an alternative, self-organized school that runs on barter. The Los Angeles chapter was started in 2014 and hosted its first month-long session of classes in May. Instead of paying cash for the courses, students attending Trade School LA sessions barter for admission with items such as a nonfiction book, a set of guitar strings, a donation to charity in lieu of trade, a homemade cupcake, help hanging artwork, etc. Green Galactic’s Marketing, Promotion & PR Basics for Emerging Cultural Creatives course will be held at Gal Palace, a DIY event space in Rampart Village in Los Angeles (131 S. Rampart Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057).

    “In a nutshell, this class is about messaging: figuring out who your audience is, learning how to communicate with them, and using the right tools,” says Green Galactic Founder and Publicist Lynn Tejada, “By the end of the class, students will have a game plan to help them move forward on their path.”

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    Marketing, Promotion & PR Basics for Emerging Cultural Creatives –
    This introductory workshop is designed to empower cultural creatives by providing an overview of marketing and promotion basics to help take them to their next level. The course will outline strategies and tools used for publicity, promotion, and marketing, in both traditional and online spheres. 

Participating students should have professional aspirations, actively pursuing their creative efforts (e.g., in an active band, making art, performing, etc.) Students will leave the course with the start of an action plan to guide their marketing and promotional efforts. The workshop is led by Charlene Boehne and Lynn Tejada, both of Green Galactic, an LA-based firm which provides publicity and marketing consulting services primarily to arts, culture, and entertainment clients.

    Workshop Details 
    • Date: Saturday, September 27, 2014
    • Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm
    • Location: Gal Palace, 131 S. Rampart Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90057
    • Instructors: Green Galactic gals, Lynn Tejada & Charlene Boehne
    • Requested Barter Items For This Class: a bottle of Shiraz or Merlot, a piece of original dog art, snacks to share with the class, a box of clear garbage bags, graphic design assistance in creating a client flyer, local fruits/vegetables (from your backyard, foraged, etc.), among other items.
    • Registration: http://tradeschool.coop/losangeles

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    Lynn Tejada & Charlene Boehne, Green Galactic –
    Established in Hollywood, California in 1993, Green Galactic provides publicity and marketing consulting services primarily to arts, culture, and entertainment clients. For over 20 years, Green Galactic Founder Lynn Tejada has been a publicist for alternative art and culture producers, enthusiastically representing clients on a local, regional, national, and international scale. Her promotional focus and client base has grown to include all things of interest to her including music, theatre, art, film, restaurants, dance, books, and more. Tejada has a BS in Television Production. A marketing professional and project manager for over 20 years, Charlene Boehne has worked in both the non-profit and corporate for-profit worlds. She joined Green Galactic in 2009, primarily as a marketing consultant and writer. Boehne, who has an MFA in Studio Art and a BA in Journalism, has led business training workshops and taught college-level art classes.

    Gal Palace –
    Gal Palace is a DIY event space in Rampart Village, Los Angeles, CA. The venue’s goal is to generate good vibes, fun, creativity, community, and safe space. Gal Palace primarily hosts events aligned with its mission of creating a positive space for creative expression in collaboration with independent artists, feminist/queer thinkers, and the community.

    Trade School LA –
    Operating under the belief that everyone has something to offer, Trade School is an alternative, volunteer-operated school that runs on barter. It’s a place to learn with other people who value practical wisdom, mutual aid, and the social nature of exchange. The Los Angeles chapter was started in 2014 and hosted its first month-long session of classes in May. Classes at Trade School LA are taught in exchange for barter items provided by students, with each instructor setting their own class’s exchange. Students sign up for classes on the Trade School website, and, by signing up, they agree to bring one of the barter items requested by the instructor. On the day of class, the teachers and students meet in a space that is made available by Trade School LA. Students give their barter item to the teacher and the class begins.

    “We’re thrilled to launch Green Galactic’s first ever marketing class for emerging artists at Trade School LA,” says Green Galactic Marketing Consultant Charlene Boehne, “There are so many things that we love about this innovative new school. Since the classes are barter-based, pretty much anyone in LA has access, plus, the project is an amazing catalyst for community building.”


    • Green Galactic – https://www.greengalactic.com
    • Green Galactic Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Galactic/388194074623709
    • Green Galactic Twitter – https://twitter.com/GreenGalactic
    • Trade School LA – http://tradeschool.coop/losangeles
    • Trade School LA Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tradeschoolLA
    • Trade School LA Twitter – https://twitter.com/TradeSchoolLA
    • Trade School LA Instagram – http://instagram.com/tradeschoolla
    • Press on Trade School LA – http://tradeschool.coop/losangeles/page/Press
    • Trade School HQ – http://tradeschool.coop
    • Gal Palace – www.facebook.com/galpalace

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    For more information, please contact Green Galactic’s Lynn Tejada at 213-840-1201, lynn@greengalactic.com.

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